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RHS Company SlideShow

  1. 1.  The Firm Mission Statement from the President The Founder Dedicated Members (RHS Team) ServicesRHS Consulting Design, L.L.C. Engineers – Developers - Construction Managers
  2. 2. RHS Consulting Design is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm that provides quality and reliability in a wide range of engineering fields. We are a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certified by the Department of Administrative Services, and are on the pre-qualified list with several Departments of Transportation.RHS was founded in 2003, incorporated into the state of Connecticut in 2005, and is licensed to practice professional engineering services in the states of Connecticut, New York, and Florida. .
  3. 3. RHS Consulting Design, LLC is advancing toward innovativebuilding, incorporating inspiration with the experience andreputation needed to provide our clients with prompt deliveryand satisfaction. Client relationships are vital; we believe thatno job is complete until the client is satisfied. We make sureto take every step necessary to ensure that everyaccommodation has been made. We are constantly evolvingand are moving swiftly in executing the proper requirementsto expand our client base, and we guarantee to provide thehighest quality in engineering services. We strive to exceedour customers’ expectations in every field of our work. .
  4. 4. Mr. Rifat Saleh, PE, president and chiefengineer of all ongoing projects, has morethan 28 years of experience in the structuraldesign and construction of buildings, bridges,railroads, marine structures, tunnels, and otherstructures. He is a licensed professionalengineer in multiple states, with bothBachelor’s and Master’s degrees in civilengineering. He also serves as a structuralengineering specialist with the Urban Searchand Rescue of Connecticut (USAR), as part ofthe Homeland Security Task Force, TF-1. Mr. Saleh with State Representative John “Corky” Mazurek, left, and In addition to overseeing RHS and Mayor of Wolcott Tom Dunn, center, receiving an Official Citation of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut honoring RHSparticipating in several multi-million dollar Consulting Design.construction and design projects, Mr. Salehworks as an adjunct professor teachingstructural engineering courses at the Universityof Hartford. .
  5. 5. The RHS team, composed of highly educated, competent, successful engineers and construction managers,demonstrates strong capabilities and has completed several successful design and construction supervisionprojects. Together, we have over 100 years of experience. Our interdisciplinary capabilities and use of computertechnology allow us to take projects from the conceptual phrase to the completion of final contract documents. Rifat H. Saleh, P.E President, Chief Engineer Bridge, Building, Construction Engineering, Bridge Condition Railroad Turntables, Transportation Marine, and General Administration, Car Hoists, Design Structures Inspection and Supervision and Body Stands Mahdi Allam, Ph,D. Mort Hayatgheybi Vahid Karimi, P.E. Leslie Smith, P.E. Brian Safa, P.E. Leslie Smith, P.E. Darek Al-Ayoub, C.M. Bruce Adnani, P.E. Carmine Corbo, P.E. Bernardo Capuno, P.E. Amber Saleh, C.M. Tom Dunn Bruce Adnani, P.E. Derek Schmaltz, E.I.T. Faisal Aziz, E.I.T. Jaime Cabral Faisal Aziz, E.I.T. Derek Schmaltz, E.I.T. Derek Schmaltz, E.I.T. .
  6. 6.  Bridge structure Facilities Condition evaluation and load rating analysis of bridge and building structures Highway design Railroad bridges Marine and bulkhead structures Buried structures (tunnels, arches, culverts) Turntables, railroad car hoists, and body stands for cooper E80 loading Deep foundation and retaining structures Construction inspection and supervision Temporary shoring, cofferdams, and soil anchorage Structure condition evaluation of amusement ride structures Traffic Data Collection(TDC) .
  7. 7. o Geometric design (horizontal and vertical alignments, sight desistance)o Geotechnical boring programso Maintenance of traffic and stage constructiono Hydrology/hydraulic studyo Storm drainage designo Utilities (watermains, sanitary sewers, design)o Safety improvementso Erosion control measures and environmental impact items .
  8. 8. Our licensed professional engineering team is certified by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) - National Bridge Inspection Standard (NBIS). We are certified to identify fatigue prone details, perform non-destructive testing (mag particle, dye penetrant) to identify suspected cracks, and are trained to use access equipment.Our bridge safety inspection processconsists of: *Performing an in-depth inspection *Compiling condition evaluation reports *Performing load rating analysis using the LRFR method for AASHTO loading .
  9. 9. Bridge Condition Inspection and Evaluation
  10. 10. Bridge Condition Inspection and Evaluation
  11. 11.  Preliminary Engineering Study (survey, condition survey,  Final Design (final plans/complete construction geotechnical boring reports) documents) Bridge Type Study (Value Engineering):  Progress submissions: 30%, 60% & 100 %  Present superstructure alternates of various  Perform final design computations construction materials including steel, prestressed  Prepare final plans and special provisions for deck units, AASHTO beams, box girders, etc. the proposed alternate  Address environmental impacts and esthetics  Prepare final construction cost estimates  Perform hydrology and hydraulic report  Complete bid documents  Perform traffic signalization study  Prepare field sketches and provide illustrative photos  Identify the type of foundation (spread footing or pile foundation)  Subsurface exploration and a geotechnical report  Utility coordination  Evaluation of differing site conditions  Address temporary shoring, cofferdams, and dewatering systems  Provide means and methods for shoring of the adjacent structure during construction  Provide construction cost estimate for the each alternate .
  12. 12. Bridge Design Projects
  13. 13. Bridge Design Projects
  14. 14. Bridge Design Projects
  15. 15.  Metro North RR cars for Copper E 80 Loadings Maximum truck wheel base spacing 8’-6” and truck centers 59’-6” Maximum weight: 40 Tons per Axle .
  16. 16. Metro-North car hoist, body stand, and turntable
  17. 17. Building Structure Design
  18. 18. Building Structure Design
  19. 19. Building Structure Design
  20. 20. Building Structure Design
  21. 21.  Attend a preconstruction meeting with the selected contractor, utility companies and city officials Review and advise the client on the contractor’s schedule of values and construction progress schedule Provide an on-site, full-time resident engineer to oversee construction activities Review construction contractor claims/ disputes and make recommendations in writing to the client and recommend resolution of such claims/disputes Review contractor’s requisition Perform quantity survey Review and approve change-orders Review and approve working and shop drawings .
  22. 22.  Provide value engineering to contractors Design Temporary shoring  Temporary sheeting  Soldier piles drilled in place with lagging, with or without tie backs  Underpinning  Soil nailing  Tunneling and jacking of structures  Slurry trenches  Diaphragm walls  Mini-pile underpinning  Braced underpinning  Underpinning with tiebacks .
  23. 23. Cofferdam, shoring, underpinning, and tunnel jacking
  24. 24. Construction Engineering and Supervision