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Sample business plan (food & beverage)


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This business plan contents
-Executive Summary
-Situation Analysis
-SWOT Analysis
-Business Organization
-Physical Resources
-Financial Projections & Budget
-Human Resource
-Production Process
-Marketing Strategies
-Distribution Process

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Sample business plan (food & beverage)

  1. 1. Boisson Beverage Pvt. Ltd.Boisson Beverage Pvt. Ltd. (Sample Business Plan)(Sample Business Plan) Stay Relaxed…Stay Relaxed…
  2. 2. Executive SummaryExecutive Summary Business Type: Private Limited Company.Private Limited Company. Location:Location: Paharghata,Chittagong.Paharghata,Chittagong. Key Partners:Key Partners: X Y ZX Y Z Key Objectives: 1. High quality customer service and satisfaction.. 2. Consistent high standard of production. 3. Continuous quality improvement. 4. Employee welfare and development. 5. Lean, simple and effective process. Mission: Getting profited through making easy availabilities of Relaxing beverage.
  3. 3. Situation AnalysisSituation Analysis Competitors: a. Local Seller & Agents (as a distributor of readymade beverage) b. James Finley c. H.R.C d. Dun Cun Brothers e. Khandaker Tea Co. Competitors Market Share: About 70% of total market share is hold by our competitors. Target Market: a. Corporate Offices b. Middle class family people c. Foreign Importers
  4. 4. SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis Strength: a. Superior Product Quality b. Modern Technological equipments c. Web-based Communications d. Industrious Workforce Weakness: a. Lack of educated workforce b. Absence in rural areas c. High cost of Technological investments Opportunity: a. Digitalized lifestyle b. Quick respond to market changes c. Real time communication with consumers Threat:Threat: a.a. Natural calamitiesNatural calamities b. Political calamities c. Unethical competitions
  5. 5. Our Business Organization (Functional Structure)Our Business Organization (Functional Structure) Managing Director Director Of Human Resources Director Of Production Director Of Management Director Of Marketing Director Of Distribution Finance Dept. Accounts Dept. Employment, Selection & Wages Department Tea Garden Fruit Garden Tea & Juice Factory Quality control & Improvement Department Planning Dept. Organizing Dept. Motivation Dept. Controlling Dept. On Spot Action Dept. Advertising Dept. Publicity & Sales promotion Dept. Personal selling & Public Relation Dept. G.M. Area Managers Transport Dept. Store Dept. Home Delivery Dept. Area Based Employees
  6. 6. Our Physical ResourcesOur Physical Resources
  7. 7. Our Financial Projections & BudgetOur Financial Projections & Budget
  8. 8. Our Initial Investments:Our Initial Investments: BDT 300 Millions. (75% Bank Loans & 25% Self ) Distribution:Distribution: Field Of Financing Financing In BDT Tea & Fruit Garden BDT 70 Millions Factory & Machinery Equipments BDT 60 Millions Production Cost BDT 70 Millions Salary, Training & Insurance BDT 30 Millions Marketing & Distribution BDT 55 Millions Research & Development BDT 15 Millions Total BDT 300 Millions
  9. 9. Our Pricing For Products:Our Pricing For Products: Product Price Regular Tea BDT 8.00 Per Cup Green Tea BDT 15.00 Per Cup Ginger/Lemon Tea BDT 8.00 Per Cup Regular Coffee BDT 25.00 Per Cup Cold Coffee BDT 40.00 Per Cup Black Coffee BDT 25.00 Per Cup Lemon/Mango/Orange Juice (400 ml) BDT 18.00 Per Bottle Lemon/Mango/Orange Juice (600 ml) BDT 30.00 Per Bottle Lemon /Mango/Orange Juice (1000 ml) BDT 50.00 Per Bottle
  10. 10. Our Target is to get BDT 100 Millions / Year Our assumption says that during the first 3 years we will be going through losses. We aim to reach our BEP in the Fourth year of our production
  11. 11. Our Human ResourceOur Human Resource
  12. 12. Human Resource Selection Process:Human Resource Selection Process: Laborer Resources Employee Resources Selection Board (Selection Process) Selected Laborers Selected Employees
  13. 13. Our Production ProcessOur Production Process
  14. 14. Processing Unit Industrial Raw Materials Unprocessed Tea From Garden & Coffee Unprocessed Fruits From Garden Factory Distribution Unit Factory Distribution Units Tea Preparing Juice Preparing Prepared Tea & Juices @ your Door step Processed Tea & Fruits Processed Tea For Export
  15. 15. Our Marketing StrategyOur Marketing Strategy
  16. 16. The Marketing Strategies We FollowThe Marketing Strategies We Follow
  17. 17. IMCIMC Advertising
  18. 18. Personal Selling Sales Promotion
  19. 19. Public Relation Publicity
  20. 20. Guerilla MarketingGuerilla Marketing
  21. 21. Our Distribution ProcessOur Distribution Process
  22. 22. Transportation Vehicle Delivery Vehicle