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Code corp business idea

  1. 1. CODE CORPBusiness Idea: Green Battery Charger
  2. 2. Problem• Mobile phone battery was not last longer ( need to recharge every day normally)• Need electricity to charge the battery• Every mobile charger is different based on the mobile brand
  3. 3. Solution• We come out a new portable battery charger that can stick to clothes• How it function? It will absorb noise energy from surrounding and convert it to electric energy• The charger is made to suit to all battery model
  4. 4. Opportunity• The opportunity this product has now is that we are now in the 21th century where eco-green product are the trends for people.• This mobile jacket charger will become hit for eco-green lovers to be a new revolution for product and become a trendsetter for a community.• Nowadays, all major companies around the world has put an effort to create eco-friendly green product so this is a business strategy for the company to be more innovative
  5. 5. Target Market• Mostly our target market is for urban people that live in busy city and have a busy life everyday such as businessman, that their mobile needs to full in charge everyday.• The students also needs our product in case they have emergencies anywhere. This product can be durable for them.• Other target markets is for travelers that are frequently travel for their jobs requirements where this product provide some extra-cool package in their luggage.
  6. 6. The Product
  7. 7. Technology• The basic idea of this product is using wasted sound energy and transforms them into electric energy to charge the mobile’s battery.• Inside this device, there is a transducer that functioned to convert the sound vibration produced by sound energy into electric energy.• Besides, piezoelectric device which is an existing technology capable of turning mechanical energy into electricity is also been used.• “Piezo” means pressure or squeezing. Piezoelectric are squeezed in response to pressure, including sound waves, and change that pressure into electrical current.
  8. 8. Competition• We will compete with other devices that are having similar function with our product.• But, we are differ in the source of energy been used. We are using wasted sound energy that are a lot been produced every single minute.• There are several China products that are using solar energy to convert into electric energy to charge the mobile phone battery.• We still see our advantages compared to these products because we are using the wasted energy compared by using solar energy.
  9. 9. • Besides, we also need to compete with public charging station placed in mall, airport and restaurants. However, we are still have the advantage because by using our device, user does not need to wait at one place while waiting their battery fully charged. By using our device, user can charge their battery anywhere and anytime they want.
  10. 10. Marketing and Sales• Generate good publicity• Comparable pricing• Promotion• Product & services
  11. 11. Management team
  12. 12. Financing Sought• Personal Funds – Personal Fund (from the company members) – Friends and Family Fund – Bootstrapping : • start in garage or small office • minimizing personal expenses.
  13. 13. • Debt Financing – SBA Guaranteed Loans• Creative Sources – Leasing (Factory and small office for company to start) – Strategic Partners (apple, nokia, Samsung, and HTC expand the product and get market) – The Small Business Innovation Research Program Grants (join many programs to get grants)
  14. 14. • Equity Capital – Business Angels (small investment to the company)
  15. 15. Summary• Mobile jacket charger will become hit for eco-green lovers to be a new revolution for product and become a trendsetter for a community• Transforms waste energy into electric energy to charge the mobile’s battery.• Our target market is for urban people.• Marketing and sales – Generate good publicity – Comparable pricing – Promotion – Product & services
  16. 16. • Finacing Sought – Personal Funds – Debt Finacing – Cretive Sources – Equity Capital