Gujarat a tale to tell


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A comprehensive presentation on Gujarat from its history to its culture to the industrial status and projects in the state. we have tried to cover as much as possible about Gujarat.

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Gujarat a tale to tell

  1. 1. The name ‘Gujarat’ comes from "Gujjar," a branch of the White Huns. This group ruled the area during the eighth and ninth centuries. Gujjar also is the name of a social class.
  2. 2. Gujarat was also the site of some of the most popular revolts during the Indian Independence movement.
  3. 3. Gujarat as a part of BOMBAY province
  4. 4. – GUJARAT has been the land of rich Culture and Heritage. – The Historical Places dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilization and Mahabharata times to the existence of Vedas.
  5. 5. Old City of Ahmedabad
  6. 6. Dholavira Lothal
  7. 7. Guajrat: India’s Jurassic Park Fossilized eggs found at Indroda Park
  8. 8. Gujarati Food “ The traditional Gujarati food is primarily vegetarian and has a high nutritional value.”
  9. 9. Shamlaji Melo
  10. 10. Kite Festival
  11. 11. Ambaji Purnima Fair
  12. 12. Navratri
  13. 13. Traditions
  14. 14. Vibrant Gujarat Epitome of Success Sense of Pride & Confidence Investments in the State Attracting Futuristic Projects Builds longlasting ties
  15. 15. Narendra Modi Longest serving CM of Gujarat from 7th october,2001 till now Turned Gujarat's economy &made it an attractive investment destination for industrialists A workaholic Chief Minister has started various “yojana’s” for the development of Gujarat Narendra Modi believes, “Desire + stability = Resolution Resolution + Hard work = Success”
  16. 16. Girl education Kanya Kalyan Yojna Narendra Modi believes “Childhood in Gujarat should not be lifeless but full of vigour and enthusiasm”
  17. 17. Developments of Dams Kalpsar Project Mission Statement – “A sustainable water for all, water for every crop per day”
  18. 18. Development of Technological Field E - Governance E-Governance include • GSWAN – Gujarat State Wide Area Network • SWAGAT Online - State Wide Attention on Grievances through Application of Technology • E – Gram – Vishvagram • E – Dhara • Health Management Information System • E – City • IWDMS - Integrated Workflow and Document Management System • E – Procurement,etc.
  19. 19. Narendra Modi introduces concept of ‘MOBILE GOVERNAN CE’ For greater application of Information
  20. 20. A vision of even better Gujarat, A vision of a prosperous Gujarat, A vision where every Gujarati person is educated, A vision where every Gujarati
  21. 21. Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) Ahmedabad received a national award for ‘Best City in the Implementation of Basic Services to Urban Poor’.
  22. 22. Alang Ship Breaking Yard
  23. 23. Sabarmati riverfront project The Sabarmati Riverfront Development will transform Ahmedabad’s history & make the riverfront into a vibrant & vital focus for the city.
  24. 24. Bus Rapid Transit System “The City’s Janmarg Bus Rapid Transit System reduces carbon emissions & dramatically improves residents access.”
  25. 25. Metro Rail Development
  26. 26. Milk Route of India
  27. 27. Detroit of the east
  28. 28. Gujarat International Finance Tec City
  29. 29. Anil Ambani’s views on Gujarat “If Gujarat was a separate country, it would stand in a different league among some of world’s most flourishing and prosperous countries.”
  30. 30. Praise for Gujarat “Stupid if you are not in Gujarat.”