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Btk killer


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Btk killer

  1. 1. BTK Killer
  2. 2. Background InformationThe BTK killer spent four years in the lacklandair force along with his first two adult victims.He also worked in a security company installingalarm systems.His neighbors would describe him as rude andarrogant.
  3. 3. Psychological ProfileDennis admitted thatfrom an early age hedeveloped fantasies ofbondage and when hebecame sexual hefantasized about tying upgirls and having his waywith them.
  4. 4. Crime SceneHis first murders were of the Otero family wherehe murdered Joseph and Julie Otero and theirtwo children Joseph and Josephine.Rader committed 10 murders.
  5. 5. Legal AspectsFor the ten murdersDennis committed hewas sentenced to 175years in prison.He was arrested onFebruary 25 2005His hearing was onAugust 17-18 2005
  6. 6. Interesting FactsDennis sought fame for his murders he left anote in a public library book admitting to themurders of the Oteros.He described his urge to kill as a monster insideof him.BTK stands for Bind, Torture, Kill.
  7. 7. Works
  8. 8. The EndBy Ridge Messiha