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  •  Following successful cocooning, this step involves a rebirth of self-esteem, a reevaluation of core issues and beliefs, and the recovery of hope and purpose
  • Organizational Restructuring is the change in the operational or management strategy of the organization. This generally includes increase or decrease in the number of management positions of the organization. This also includes a shift in the operations of the organization keeping in consideration the market trends and competition.
  • Refinancing of corporate debt to reduce interest payments.A major public relations campaign to reposition the company with consumersForfeiture of all or part of the ownership share by pre restructuring stock holders.Organizations need insight into where to best utilize talent and find the best fit between existing employees and the jobs that await them.
  • Corporate Restructuring refers to the changes in the ownership pattern, changes in the assets mix and alliances ,changes in the business mix etc with a view to enhance the shareholder value.
  • Self renewal system

    2. 2. SELF RENEWAL SYSTEM Successful cocooning Rebirth of self esteem Reevaluation of core issues and beliefs Recovery of hope and purpose
    3. 3. SKILLS FOR MANAGING THE CHANGE CYCLE • The dream or vision is the "driving force for the life structure, a source of passion and values. Visioning or dreaming the plan • Launching puts the plan to action; it requires "commitment and personal missionLaunching • Plateauing is the “art of sustaining a successful life structure. It is knowing how to keep enriching the dream/plan”Plateauing
    4. 4. • This requires coming to terms with negative emotionsManaging the doldrums • This requires an ability to say farewell with gratitude and clarity, which frees you to this step of the change cycle Ending a life structure • This minitransition can be used if the life structure could be improved through some specific changes.Restructuring
    5. 5. • The transition into a new life structure requires "turning inward to take stock, to find your own basic values, and to disengage emotionally and mentally from the former life structure" . Cocooning • Following successful cocooning, this step involves a rebirth of self- esteem, a re-evaluation of core issues and beliefs Self-renewal • Creativity, learning, risk taking, and networking give one a sense of purpose and power in creating a new life structure Experimenting
    6. 6. SUB SYSTEMS FOR SELF RENEWAL SURVEY • A method for collecting quantitative information about items ACTION RESEARCH • A research initiated to solve an immediate problem ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT INTERVENTIONS • A deliberately planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization's effectiveness ORGANIZATIONAL RETREATS • Allow all team members to share, learn, process
    7. 7. Self-Renewal For Career Development Finding meaning in our work is critical if we are to avoid stagnation and boredom . It is the responsibility of each individual to effect the change necessary to reinvent work so that it has personal relevance.
    8. 8. CAREER DEVELOPMENT Awareness and knowledge of the strategic challenges of business Motivation and drive to establish and pursue a goal Honest assessment of self and skills
    9. 9. ORGANIZATIONAL RESTRUCTURING Change in the operational or management strategy of the organization Includes increase or decrease in the number of management positions Includes a shift in the operations of the organization
    10. 10. Sale of underutilized assets, such as patents or brands. Moving of operations such as manufacturing to lower- cost locations. Reorganization of functions such as sales, marketing, and distribution. Renegotiation of labor contracts to reduce overhead. CHARACTERISTICS
    11. 11. Refinancing of corporate debt to reduce interest payments. A major public relations campaign to reposition the company with consumers. Forfeiture of all or part of the ownership share by pre restructuring stock holders. Organizations need insight into where to best utilize talent and find the best fit between existing employees and the jobs that await them.
    12. 12. To enhance the shareholder’s value To utilize the assets properly To get profitable investment opportunities To diverse the business To reduce cost of capital by designing innovative securities through corporate restructuring Cash management and cash generation during crisis. Improving the efficiency and productivity through new investments, R&D and b usiness engineering. PURPOSE OF CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING
    13. 13. OBJECTIVES TO FULFILL RESTRUCTURING Organization must originate a key plan to send its employee for mutual training and practices. Management must develop the feeling in employees as the owners of the origination that will help enhance their performance Considering employees as an asset for the firm there must be certain compensation packages, bonus, incentives apart from the base salary. Organization must link performance management with the organizational goals. TNA must be conducted on daily bases so that management could know the strength and weakness of its employees. Senior managers must perform their roles by making such decisions that could help employees to provide T&D feedback
    14. 14. The trend that sees individuals socializing less and retreating into their home more. The term was coined in the 1990s. Video rentals is one of the glaring examples. Cocooning
    15. 15. A balance between private and professiona l life. A smooth integration that leads to higher productivit y and personal satisfaction . The convenienc e of not having to leave home to avail of their services. Can minimize loss of time. Is flexible to be available. REASONS FOR COCOONING
    16. 16. Process by which businesses negotiate their role in society . A built-in and self-regulating mechanism. Goal - Embrace responsibility and encourage a positive impact. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
    17. 17. WHY ARE COMPANIES ENGAGED IN CSR ? Help organizations hire and retain the people they want Contribute to business performance
    18. 18. ECONOMIC DIMENSION The duty of the managers is to maximize stockholder’s wealth. How resources for the production of goods and services are distributed within the social system.
    19. 19. LEGAL DIMENSION Refers to obeying governmental laws and regulations. Civil law: Rights & duties of individuals and organizations. Criminal law: Prohibits specific actions and imposes fines and/or imprisonment .
    20. 20. ETHICAL DIMENSION Behavior that is expected or prohibited by organizational members and society . Standards, norms, or expectations that reflect the concern of major stakeholders.
    21. 21. PHILANTHROPIC DIMENSION Will not enhance corporate reputation Fails to live up to its philanthropic image If consumers perceive philanthropy to be manipulative Give money or time or in kind to charity Integrative philanthropy
    22. 22. THANK YOU