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  • Riddell tech unit_pp slides

    1. 1. Essential Question:How does understanding the correct use ofverb tenses help others understand what I write?
    2. 2.  Direct teaching of simple and perfect tenses of verbs Students are divided into 3 groups 1/3 work on interactive computer assignments 1/3 work in a small group with teacher 1/3 work on their own to complete assignments Students complete computer assignments, quizzes, and packet work with assessments over 4 weeks Students complete a final project on goanimate using the different tenses of verbs to create a video comic strip
    3. 3. Holt Power Point Verb Tenses Cornell Notes
    4. 4. Cornell Notes- Perfect Tenses ofVerbs Power Point 1. View Holt Power Point on the perfect tenses of verbs 2. Fill in Cornell note template that accompanies Power Point 3. Summarize Cornell Notes 4. Respond to teacher questions as sticks are selected from Stick Pick on teacher iphone
    5. 5. Computer tasksTeacher groupsIndividual work
    6. 6.  Packet contains: Examples of verb tenses Editing practice with emphasis on verb tense and subject/verb agreement (Measuring Up) Written responses to editing changes(Measuring Up) Writing task: Writing with 3 Verb Tenses(Teacher created) Assessments (Measuring Up)
    7. 7. Level Up Tutorial Verb Tenses Cornell Notes Focus Question: What are Verb Name _____________________________________________________ Date ____________________________ Period ____________________ Tenses and how do we use them? Circle the group of words in the past Word groups:1. Go to the Holt Level Up tense Have, keep In the present tense, many verbs end in Summer, now, late, early Tutorials online When a sentence has a plural subject Were, camped, slept Future tense shows… Know, sleep, are2. Complete the There are 3 perfect tenses they are… What does the past perfect tense show? _______ or ________ A special _____________________ to show present time. interactive tutorial and To identify the past perfect tense you start by looking for …. What will _____________________ or what will ________ The ______________________ perfect complete the What does the present perfect tense show? The ______________________ perfect The ______________________ perfect accompanying Cornell To identify present perfect tenses of the verb look for ……. Something that _______________________ or existed before a certain time in the past. The future perfect tense of the verb ______________ As a part of the verb. (helping verb) notes (on screen) shows… An action that started in the ____________ and continues into the To identify the future perfect tense of the ____________________3. Summarize the notes verb start by looking for … _________________ or ______________ as part of the verb (helping verbs) An action that will have ______________________ before some other and then take the quiz ___________________________action. Both _____________ and ___________________ are part of any verb in this4. Record score where tense. _____________ have as part of the verb. indicated on notes Summary: Take the quiz and record your score. ___6
    8. 8. As one of the verb tense lessons, students will practice with the present and pasttense of irregular verbs on Quizlet. This is especially helpful for my ESL students.Students will take the quiz when they feel they have had sufficient practice .
    9. 9. Six Tenses of Verbs: Create Your Own Goanimate Video Cartoon Steps 1. Go to the Internet 2. Type Goanimate.com in the url address bar 3. Follow the prompts to create a cartoon strip Assignment Criteria Final Project After viewing my verb tense comic, use the six verb tenses taught in class to create a comic strip in Goanimate. Use the following tenses in at least 6 of the frames:1. Follow the directions •The simple present tense. Example: jump/jumps to create a •The simple past tense. Example: jumped Goanimate video. • The simple future tense. Example: will jump, shall jump2. In the video use each •The present perfect tense. Example: has jumped, have jumped of the six tenses , one •The past perfect tense. Example: had jumped per frame. •The future perfect tense. Example: will have jumped,3. Create an account shall have jumped and learn to navigate Use any verb you choose, but use it in each different tense. Match the emotions and actions of the character(s) with the website. the verb tense. The rubric that follows will be used to assess your animation. Rubric: Scale of 1-4: 1=below basic,2= basic, 3 = proficient, 4 = advanced Hint: Just do your best; this is fun! Good luck with your creations!
    10. 10. (Scaffolding)1. Think of 2 verbs (irregular or regular) and fill in the correct forms in the proper tense.2. Write one sentence in each frame that uses their chosen verbs in the correct tense.3. Add dialogue to create a plot around their sentences before going to goanimate and beginning their comic strips.
    11. 11. Simple TensesStandStoodWill standPerfect TensesHave knownHad knownWill have known goanimate.com/videos/03noeC5tTonY?utm _source=linkshare
    12. 12. http://quizlet.comhttp://goanimate.comScreencast-O-Matic.com