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De stijl

  1. 1. De stijl 1917-1931
  2. 2. De Stijl – “The Style”• Dutch artistic movement, founded in Netherlands. Alsoknown as Neo-Plasticism.• Founders: Piet Mondrian & Theo van Doesburg.• Utopian idea of spiritual harmony & order. Simplified to vertical and horizontal lines.• Used only primary colors along with black and white.• Not to reflect reality but rather to express theharmony that they believed was the law of universe.• Their works of art helped the public along the path to truth and purity.
  3. 3. De Stijl Magazine First Front Cover. 1917 - Vilmos Huszár• The group’s monthly journal called‘De-Stijl’ started in 1917.• This longing for harmony developed inthe chaotic times of WW1.• Journal continued to be printed until1931 when Theo van Doesburg died.
  4. 4. Theo van doesburg 1883-1931• Dutch artist.• Founder and Leader of De Stijl.• Complete abstraction of reality in hispaintings.• He was more flamboyant and extravagant.• Split up with his colleague, Piet Mondrian in1924 due to disagreements. Composition VII- The Three Graces, 1917
  5. 5. Theo van doesburgSimultaneous Counter-Composition 1929 Counter Composition V, 1925.
  6. 6. Piet mondrian 1872-1944• Dutch Painter.• Important contributor to De Stijl.• An introvert by nature. Composition with Grids: Checkerboard Composition with Light Colors - 1919
  7. 7. Piet mondrian Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow Neo Plastisicm - 1930
  8. 8. Gerrit rietveld 1888-1964• Dutch furniture designer and architect.• One of the principal members of DeStijl.• Famous for his Red and Blue chairdesign.• The chair was designed for the RietveldSchroder House which is a UNESCO worldheritage site. Red and Blue Chair - 1917