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Win the Sale: How to End Showrooming


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Showrooming is the act of visiting a brick and mortar location to research a product before buying it online. You take the time to get to know a customer and their needs and after 45 minutes, they purchase the product from a discount retailer online. It’s an incredibly frustrating point for retailers, but an increased convenience for shoppers. And unfortunately, it isn’t going away. Learn how you can work to stop showrooming!

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Win the Sale: How to End Showrooming

  2. 2. You take the time to get to know a customer and their needs and then after 45 minutes, they decide to purchase the product from an online retailer. Showrooming is a frustrating part of any retailer’s business. Read on to find out how you can work to stop showrooming in your store!
  3. 3. In-Store Experience
  4. 4. Focus on improving the three areas of your store to create an in-store experience that wows your customers: • Amp up your technology • Offer above and beyond customer service • Create a community
  5. 5. Be the Expert
  6. 6. Develop trust with your customers by showing you know your products best by: • Hiring employees who are passionate about your products • Training your employees extensively • Going beyond product knowledge
  7. 7. Using Your Data
  8. 8. Data can help you offer a better shopping experience through customer personalization. Try out marketing with your data by: • Segmenting based on purchases • Ramping up personalization • Creating a lookalike audience
  9. 9. Launch a Website
  10. 10. Consider setting up a website to attract customers in new ways. Showcase products online to appeal to customers who want: • In-the-moment purchases • In-store pickup • In-store returns
  11. 11. For the full guide visit,, or CLICK HERE ▷