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The Ultimate Marketing Calendar for Retailers


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Being an effective marketer is essential for having a successful retail business. Learn what occasions and holidays occur each month that can use to draw new customers to your store.

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The Ultimate Marketing Calendar for Retailers

  2. 2. There are occasions every month you can take advantage of to offer discounts and special events that will bring more customers into your store. See what’s going on each month that you can use as an opportunity to attract shoppers.
  3. 3. • NEW YEAR’S: A new year means another year of resolutions. • MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY: National holidays are always incredibly busy because of the amount of people who have the day off. Draw those who have the day off into your store with a promo. JANUARY
  4. 4. • TAX-MAS (FEBRUARY-MAY): People receive their tax returns during this time, which means they have some extra spending money in their pockets! Make them want to spend it at your store. • VALENTINE’S DAY: This day is a great opportunity to spread the love and show appreciation for your customers by offering a discount. • PRESIDENT’S DAY: This national holiday means a lot more people will be out and about. Give them a reason to get out of the house in February! FEBRUARY
  5. 5. • ST. PATRICK’S DAY: A fun occasion to decorate your store and make it a party! • FIRST DAY OF SPRING: Plant flowers out front and make your store “springy” and inviting! If you’re still looking to get rid of some of your winter inventory, you could have a “spring cleaning” sale in your store. MARCH
  6. 6. • APRIL FOOL’S DAY: Play friendly and harmless pranks on your customers! • MARATHON SEASON: If you are a specialty running retailer, your busy season is starting! Have you thought about throwing a party for the running community or offering deals on running accessories? APRIL
  7. 7. • CINCO DE MAYO: Celebrate this Mexican holiday by decorating your storefront and offering refreshments to get people to come in and shop around! • MOTHER’S DAY: Everyone is on the search for a gift to give their mother. Help them to make this Mother’s Day a meaningful one. • MEMORIAL DAY: Most people have this federal holiday off from work. Offer a Memorial Day sale! MAY
  8. 8. • FATHER’S DAY: Think about offering a promotion on all inventory that would make good gifts for dads. • FIRST DAY OF SUMMER: Kick off summer by having refreshments, snacks, and a sale at your store! JUNE
  9. 9. • INDEPENDENCE DAY: Show your pride and celebrate our country’s independence by decorating your store with everything red, white, and blue! Make your store and deals stand out. JULY
  10. 10. • BACK TO SCHOOL: With all the kids heading back to school, you can end summer with a bang! People are always on the hunt for the best end-of-summer deals. • TAX FREE WEEKENDS: Customers are incentivized to flock to your store during this period of time to save money and take advantage of not paying sales tax. Give them a reason to stay and spend more. AUGUST
  11. 11. • LABOR DAY: There are always many Labor Day sales in the beginning of September. Make yours unique! • FIRST DAY OF FALL: Make your store “fall festive” and serve hot apple cider and donuts! SEPTEMBER
  12. 12. • COLUMBUS DAY: While this holiday isn’t celebrated consistently across the nation, many people have the day off. Be prepared for some extra traffic to your store! • HALLOWEEN: Use this holiday to go all out! Serve candy, have your employees dress up, and offer a spooky special deal. OCTOBER
  13. 13. • THANKSGIVING: With all of the retail events surrounding Thanksgiving, you should take full advantage! But don’t forget to promote your deals. • BLACK FRIDAY: Don’t miss out on a chance to have a unique deal to get people into your store. • SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY: Partner with other small businesses in your community to encourage shoppers to stop by your store on this day. • CYBER MONDAY: If you have an ecommerce site, make sure you are promoting your Cyber Monday deals! NOVEMBER
  14. 14. • FIRST DAY OF WINTER: Create a special deal during the holidays for the winter solstice. Celebrate the holidays without making it religious. DECEMBER
  15. 15. To learn about becoming a more effective marketer for your retail store, CLICK HERE ▷