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POS and Inventory Control


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When thinking about changing your retail technology, it’s important to consider what you actually need to be a more efficient retailer. Many people consider their POS their end-all-be-all of retail management software. But the reality is, your POS is just part of the solution. Having a POS with inventory management capabilities (and using them) is the best way to make an impact on your business.

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POS and Inventory Control

  1. 1. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – Receive new inventory – Monitor inventory quantities – Audit inventory accuracy – Transfer items between stores – Create purchase orders – Report on and analyze inventory performance – Track store and employee performance SALES FLOOR A POS doesn't actively manage your largest expense: inventory. That's why having inventory management capabilities are so important. STOCK ROOM POS and Inventory Management Software are both essential on the sales floor. – Track sales – Collect customer data – Scan items at checkout – Use credit card devices to accept payment – Print receipts POINT OF SALE SALES FLOOR – Monitor inventory quantities in real-time – Re-merchandise or mark down slow moving items – Transfer items between stores INVENTORY MANAGEMENT RETAIL STORE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Inventory management software is a cloud or computer-based system for controlling orders, inventory levels, sales, and receivables. POINT OF SALE (POS) The point of sale (POS) is the system a retail business uses to process transactions. 800.654.3123 @ricssoftware POS INVENTORY CONTROLAND If you’re using a POS that lacks inventory management capabilities (or you just aren’t using them), you’re losing out on tons of opportunities to save yourself time and make more money! Take the journey through how your POS and inventory management system work together to make your business better. WHY YOUR RETAIL STORE NEEDS BOTH