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Guide to Marketing with Your POS


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Marketing is an integral part of your business and is imperative if you want to keep customers coming back to your store. That being said, if you're using POS and inventory management software, you have all the data you need to employ a personalized and targeted marketing strategy that will help you win.

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Guide to Marketing with Your POS

  2. 2. Collect Customer Data from Your POS
  3. 3. • Collect your customers’ information right at the POS and ask the right questions, so you can have a solid understanding of each customer. • Without being too pushy, ask for basic and detailed information, like name, gender, email, birthday, interests, sizes, etc. to help you know your audience as best as you can. • Be transparent about how you want to use their information and add any additional notes to their profile that can help you understand more about the customer. Collect Customer Data from Your POS
  4. 4. Segment Your Marketing
  5. 5. • Using the data you’ve collected from your customers, you can run reports and separate them based on certain criteria. • You can use these segmentations to create meaningful email or mailer campaigns for your clients. • You can filter your reports by location, gender, shopping behavior, birthdays, and more and then create campaigns for events, discounts, sales, or new inventory. Segment Your Marketing
  6. 6. Offer Coupons and Frequent Buyer Programs
  7. 7. • Give your customers an incentive to come into your store, and let them know about your latest deals through your marketing efforts. • Effective use of coupons in your marketing strategy can assist in getting rid of excess inventory and build excitement and engagement around a new product. • Reward your most loyal customers by offering frequent buyer programs. Keeping customers happy and making them feel appreciated is a huge factor in customer retention. Offer Coupons and Frequent Buyer Programs
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