Housing Selection Rhode Show 2012


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The Housing Selection Rhode Show is a step by step tutorial on how to log into your MyHousing account, sign your housing contract, view your selection number, connect roommates, and select a room for next year.
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Housing Selection Rhode Show 2012

  2. 2. 2011-2012 HOUSING SELECTION GUIDE The following is a page by page tour on how to log into your MyHousing and utilize the proper features for Roommate and Housing Selection.• Logging In• Checking Selection Number• Checking Selection Time• Selecting Roommates• Selecting a Room• Confirming Room Selection
  3. 3. WHERE TO BEGIN• To first log in, please go to the RIC homepage at www.ric.edu• Then click the Online Services menu.
  4. 4. ONLINE SERVICES• The Online Services page will load.• Then click on RIConnect, For RIC Student and Faculty Access.
  5. 5. RICONNECT LOG-IN• Once RIConnect loads you will enter your Username(first initial, last name, _ , last four digits of your Student ID Number) and your Password.
  6. 6. RICONNECT HOME SCREEN• RIConnect will launch, and you will click on the Self Service tab.
  7. 7. SELF SERVICE MENU• The Self Service menu will launch, and you will click on the Student Center.
  8. 8. STUDENT CENTER• Once the Student Center Menu is launched, click on the MyHousing tab in the bottom right column, under External Links.
  9. 9. MYHOUSING LAUNCH SCREEN• On the Launch Screen you have two options, ApplyOnline & MyHousing. The ApplyOnline page will allow you to sign your 2012-13 housing contract.
  10. 10. MYHOUSING CONTRACT• To sign your housing contract for 2012-13 school year, select the application and click next.
  11. 11. MYHOUSING CONTRACT• Your 2012-2013 Contract will be displayed.
  12. 12. MYHOUSING CONTRACT• Scroll to the bottom and click “I Agree” if you wish to sign your contract, and click “Next >>”
  13. 13. MYHOUSING CONTRACT• You will then see that your application has been submitted.
  14. 14. MYHOUSING HOME SCREEN• Your MyHousing Overview page will launch, and listed you will see, your “My Info” as well as “My Assignments”, “My Dining”, “My Future Roommate Requests” and “My Future Room Selection Process”
  15. 15. CHECKING YOUR SELECTION NUMBER• Your Selection Number can be found at the bottom of your “MyHousing" Screen. 1
  16. 16. SELECTING A ROOMMATE• Under the Navigation Bar, Select Roommates.• The Roommates Request screen will launch, and have 5 empty fields, • Student # • Last Name • First Name • MI • Class Year• To request a roommate, you will need to know at least the correct spelling of the individuals last name.• This Process can be repeated up to three times.• Every roommate must complete this process
  17. 17. SELECTING A ROOMMATE Once you have filled in the field properly, click the “Request Student as Roommate” button.
  18. 18. SELECTING YOUR ROOMMATE CONT.• Once you have filled in the field properly, click the “Request Student as Roommate” button.• Your Roommate Request will then be saved and show a new field called, “My Roommate Request”.• If your Request Roommate has also Requested you, it will read “YES” if not it will read “DOES NOT MATCH”
  19. 19. ROOMMATE CONFIRMATION• Once your roommate selection is confirmed, you will receive an email.
  20. 20. MYHOUSING OVERVIEW• If you return back to the MyHousing Overview page by clicking the Home/Overview button under the Navigation Bar, “My Future Roommate Request” will now show the names of the individuals you selected and who is confirmed and who is not confirmed.• Note, if one of your roommates is listed as “NO” under the “Matching Requests?”. They have not requested you as a roommate and must do so.
  21. 21. ROOM SELECTION• To Select a room, you must click “Room Selection” under the Navigation Bar and scroll over “Select a Room/Suite”.• The “Room Selection” page will load. Click “Find Available Room”.
  22. 22. ROOM SELECTION CONT.• A list of available rooms will load, once you find your desired room, click “Select Room”
  23. 23. ROOM BOOKING• Once you have selected your room, a secondary screen will load asking you to place your roommates in beds. Once this is completed click “I Agree- Submit My Room Selection”
  24. 24. ROOM BOOKING• Once you have confirmed your room, a “Save Room Assignment” screen will launch. Your room assignment will be saved.
  25. 25. ROOM BOOKING CONFIRMATION EMAIL• You will also receive an email to your student account confirming your room selection.
  26. 26. ADDITIONAL HOUSING SELECTION INFORMATION• To apply for Housing, your Housing Deposit must have been paid at the Bursars Office By March 9th 2012.• Once you have received your email, your room selection has been confirmed.• You cannot change your room once you have selected it.• If you have any problems once you have selected your room and it has been confirmed, please come down to the Housing Office.• Move in for the Fall 2012 Semester is August 26th 2012.• To live on campus you must be a fulltime student (minimum of 12 credits)• To live on-campus you must have a meal plan.• Housing is a year long commitment. (Fall & Spring Semesters)
  27. 27. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS• How many roommates can I have? • Three roommates, not including yourself.• Which building can I live in? • As upperclassmen you can live in either Weber Hall, New Hall, and for females, a select few suites in Browne Hall.• Can I stay (or squat) in my current room? • No. This year every room is open through the room draw process. Even if you currently live in Browne or Weber Hall you will need to choose an assignment for Fall 2012.• Can my friend who lives off-campus live with me? • Unfortunately, you can only select a room with students who currently live on-campus who have paid a housing deposit.• What if I didn’t pay a housing deposit? • All students, can put their name on the waitlist which opens May 1st. After May 1st, spaces will be offered first come, first serve by availability.
  28. 28. If you have anyQUESTIONS? questions, please contact the Housing Office at (401)456-8240 or email housing@ric.edu
  29. 29. facebook.com/ricreslife FOLLOW & LIKE US! RESLIFE ON SOCIAL MEDIA @ricreslife