Skybox - Campaign Concept


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Keynote of a cross-media campaign prototype made to promote the Cross Media Interaction Design program. This was an assignment for a course in that program.

The prototype included idea brainstorming, campaign planning, wireframing and user tests. It was made by me and Niklas Odén.

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Skybox - Campaign Concept

  1. 1. S K Y B OXmåndag 14 november 11
  2. 2. THE TASK • Make a cross media campaign to promote new students to start study at the Cross Media Interaction Design master program. • Use paper prototyping to test the campaign on target user groups and find issues.måndag 14 november 11
  3. 3. THE CAMPAIGN • Relatively short, about 1 month. • ARG-style, with puzzle/missions that the players need to solve to advance in the story of the campaign. • Community-based game - play on your own or discuss and solve the puzzles with other players.måndag 14 november 11
  4. 4. TARGET GROUP • Students with bachelor’s degrees and Freelancers within these areas: • Interactiondesign, web, traditional media and print, film, 2D-3D graphics and programming.måndag 14 november 11
  5. 5. TARGET GROUP • How to reach them: • Letter to selected groups (students in various media schools • Poster, brochures and magazine ads • The after-effect of the campaign • Tweets, social media and other articlesmåndag 14 november 11
  6. 6. MOOD-BOARD Minimalistic environments Big corporations controlling the world Big brother society Future technologymåndag 14 november 11
  7. 7. STORYBOARD The year is 2027. Skybox is one of the worlds biggest companies and controls much of the world. Keywords are: effiency, safety and minimalism.måndag 14 november 11
  8. 8. STORYBOARD They want to hire new people and are looking for those who are talented and hard-working (the players of the campaign) They invite the players to visit their homepage for more info.måndag 14 november 11
  9. 9. STORYBOARD But while the players are exploring the homepage, a mysterious group called HEX is trying to reach their attention. They have hacked the homepage and the players find a way to a new homepage.måndag 14 november 11
  10. 10. STORYBOARD with game concept They have hacked Skybox servers and got hands on valuable data, stored in SKYBOXES. But most of the boxes are encrypted and HEX need help from the players to decrypt them.måndag 14 november 11
  11. 11. STORYBOARD with game concept By using the information in one of the boxes, players get started to search for more information that help them decrypt the other boxes.måndag 14 november 11
  12. 12. STORYBOARD with game concept When all the boxes are decrypted the game is over and HEX reveals their true identity. HEX is CMID and now they want to recruit the players to start the CMID program.måndag 14 november 11
  13. 13. Around 5-6 days between each mission FLOWCHARTmåndag 14 november 11
  14. 14. TIMELINE • Recruit process (Posters, letters etc.) start together with Skybox and HEX homepage, with one mission unlocked. • The deadline on each mission is one week. Auto-complete after that deadline. • There is a waiting process between each mission. It takes at least one week until the next mission is unlocked. • Around 1 month into the campaign, the end should be unlocked and the Apply part starts.måndag 14 november 11
  15. 15. WIREFRAMES The Skybox homepage, with links to their products and more information. Later the page gets hacked and reveals the HEX pages.måndag 14 november 11
  16. 16. WIREFRAMES The mission page, with the first mission (the red box) unlocked, to start the game.måndag 14 november 11
  17. 17. WIREFRAMES Inside the box, some information is stored which acts as the first clue. There is also a discussion board which the players can use to help each other solve the puzzle.måndag 14 november 11
  18. 18. WIREFRAMES The players need to search the web and use different devices to get more clues to solve the puzzle. Here is a magazine article which is found by searching for a person in one of the missions.måndag 14 november 11
  19. 19. WIREFRAMES After the first mission is cleared, it gets filled with color and the second box gets unlocked. This continues until all the missions are completed and the players get to the ending.måndag 14 november 11
  20. 20. WHY? • Stands out from ordinary program/course shout-outs. • Mysterious letter together with an interesting storyline. • Makes the program more sought after.måndag 14 november 11
  21. 21. THANK YOUmåndag 14 november 11