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Lifting The Lid On Search Marketing 2009


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An overview of the basics of search marketing with a focus on helping people understand how search marketing works. The presentation is intended to help buyers better evaluate SEO professionals and to understand more fully the characteristics of a best practices approach to search marketing. Topics covered: SEO, search marketing methodology, tools, online resources, tracking efforts, executing a campaign, SEO 2.0. This presentation was originally created for the 2009 EyeForTravel conference in Singapore and was delivered by Ric Shreves of water&stone (

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Lifting The Lid On Search Marketing 2009

  1. 1.
 drivers Lifting the Lid on Search Marketing planning ~ how it works; what you can do ~ tools execution tracking Note: This presentation was created for the 2009 Travel Distribution Summit held in Singapore on April 2, 2009
  2. 2.
 drivers   what is search marketing ? planning tools The term search marketing encompasses a range of activities, from classic search engine execution optimization, to management of pay-per-click tracking (PPC) services, to use of Web 2.0 techniques to promote your site and make it more visible to searcher.
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 drivers   key factors to consider planning tools   The domain name execution   Relevant Inbound links tracking   Content of URLs   Amount of content   Keyword density   Internal link density   The age of your domain   Consistency of your search marketing efforts - inconsistent efforts under-perform
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 drivers   formulate reasonable goals planning Yes, I know, we all want to be #1 on Google… tools execution   Remember that Google rankings are only a tracking means to an end – the goal is an increase in relevant traffic. You don't have to be on page one of Google to achieve this goal (though it does help!).   Keep this in mind as it will shape your implementation and your tracking -- and without it, you are likely to waste your efforts.
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 drivers   conduct an SEO audit planning What to consider: tools execution   Identify areas of opportunity (keyphrases with tracking more traffic and less competition)   Where you rank now, relative to your key words   # of inbound links   # of pages indexed   Who currently dominates your chosen keywords   Their inbound links & pages indexed   Compare your metadata to theirs   Conduct content audit to assess suitability for optimization for your keywords   Decide which pages to optimize
  6. 6.
 drivers   don't forget the long tail planning tools   The longer the keyword combination, the less competition, AND the higher the conversion rate! execution tracking   Generic keyphrases are highly competitive and require long term commitment (or PPC).   The long tail is often the point of least resistance.
  7. 7.
 drivers   online tools & resources planning tools   Google Webmaster account execution   Yahoo! Site Explorer tracking   MSN's Webmaster Center   Page Rank finder (of your choice)   Wordtracker   The search engines themselves   Alexa Ranking   Your PPC reports   Your web analytics reports   Google AdWords blog   Webmaster World   Search Engine Watch
  8. 8.
 drivers   offline tools (installed apps) planning tools   Advanced Web Ranking execution   Link Popularity Checker tracking   Your homegrown tools   Tracking sheet   Audit sheet   Competitor analysis
  9. 9.
 drivers   Make your site search friendly planning   This is classic “SEO” -- the process of tools optimizing a site for the search engines. execution   It is necessary! tracking   One of the few areas where you really need an expert’s assistance.   Key Issues:   Search engine friendly URLs (SEF)   page titles   metadata   element attributes   keyword density   internal link density and link text   Robots.txt file
  10. 10.
 drivers   The place of metadata planning tools   Metadata isn’t dead (though it is less important) execution   It should not be ignored tracking   Key field => Description   Key field => Keywords   Key field => Robots   Many optional fields here
  11. 11.
 drivers   Make your site search friendly - extras planning tools   Use a site map execution   Implement effective handling of 404s tracking   Enforcement (and use) of consistent URL formulation (www or not www)   Tags (taxonomy) : can have a positive affect on internal link density   Internal links – use title attribute and use link text
  12. 12.
 drivers   now you are ready to register! planning tools   You must manually register on the key engines execution   Automated software has a limited and tracking secondary role   Create & maintain XML site maps   Set up Google Webmaster Tools account   Set up Yahoo! Site Explorer account   Set up an MSN Webmaster Center account   Don’t be afraid to re-register if the site does not show up in a reasonable period of time – but don't overdue it!
  13. 13.
 drivers   building links planning tools   Hit the key directories - Yahoo!, DMOZ, any niche market directories execution tracking   Look at your competitors’ links pages   The key: Relevant, high ranking sites   Build links to your key pages -- not just the homepage   Use keyword-specific link text   Investigate services like Link Metro   Are you willing to buy links?   This takes massive amounts of time.
  14. 14.
 drivers   increase the number of pages indexed planning tools   Create internal links execution   Maintain a site map on your site tracking   Keep those URLs friendly!   Keep XML site map updated   Consider using quot;spider foodquot;
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 drivers   what’s a “friendly” (SEF) URL? planning tools Search Engine (& user!) Hostile: execution tracking page=main.php&action=ShowCategory&catid=56 Friendly: h/p://‐bali/kuta

  16. 16.
 drivers   the role of PPC planning tools   When you absolutely, positively have to be on execution Page One -- today! tracking  Both Yahoo! and Google have programs worth looking at.   Google = no set up fees, daily budgets with no deposit   Yahoo! = small set up fee + prepaid deposit charged against daily   Google has better syndication and site targeting   PPC does not directly impact your search position

  17. 17.
 drivers   SEO 2.0 planning tools   Digg & Newsvine can fast-track listing execution   StumbleUpon – can drive traffic tracking   Exploit the increasing number of social bookmarking sites   Establish a presence on relevant niche community sites.   Don't forget Wikipedia.   Content creation for Web 2.0 sites worthwhile – This is the New PR.   Get bookmarking tools on your site   Is your site suitable for a widget?   If you have suitable content, offer RSS feeds
  18. 18.
 drivers   SEO 2.0 - Participating in Community planning tools   Seek out community sites frequented by your target markets. execution tracking   Create a place to interact with them.   Logical choices: Facebook   Orkut   Bebo   Hi5   MySpace   A Small World   other niche sites suitable to your offering  
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 drivers   SEO 2.0 – Does it Work? planning tools Consider These Two Examples… execution   Facebook tracking   Initiated the ‘I Love Bali Villas’ group for client in Dec 07   Today, over 1,600 members   54 photos   Numerous posts   TripAdvisor:   Set up account for client's brand   Contributed postings, photos, forum advice   Now client's #1 non-search engine referrer
  20. 20.
 drivers   SEO 2.0 – What about Twitter? planning tools   Love it or hate it, but don't ignore it. execution tracking   Your Twitter profile will be indexed.   It's useful for tracking market sentiment towards your brand and for identifying trends.
  21. 21.
 drivers   special SEO considerations planning tools Site rebuilds execution   must plan and manage migration!   I.D. key indexed pages tracking   put 301 re-directs on them In the sandbox…   nothing to do but wait Blacklisted   can petition for re-indexing   get your Google Webmaster account set up
  22. 22.
 drivers   you have to track! planning tools   Where do you stand now? If you don't know, that is the first issue to address. You must have execution some baseline / context to evaluate efforts. tracking   Ask: What’s working?   Ask: What needs more attention?   Feedback the knowledge into your efforts.   Google Analytics is a great choice and the price is right!   Programs like Advanced Web Ranking are also very useful.  Check those PPC reports   Check your Google Webmaster account
  23. 23.
 drivers   managing your SEO team planning tools   Be suspicious of people who promise specific results. execution tracking   Negotiate performance-based contracts, where possible.   Budget for ongoing maintenance activities.   Get your SEO in order before launching a campaign.   Track obsessively!   Don’t allow Black Hat methods!
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   Ric Shreves Thank you for your time. Web: eMail: