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Investor presentation.2.14.2012


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Investor presentation.2.14.2012

  1. 1. To provide businesses with marketing vehicles to put moremoney in their pockets and provide consumers with ways tosave time, save money and have more fun …The American Saver Way
  2. 2. American Saver, founded in 2004, is uniquelypositioned in the marketplace by offeringmoney saving opportunities via multiple mediaplatforms in Direct Mail, Print, On-Line, Mobileand Social Media.
  3. 3. The concept for American Saver wasstarted by Ric Mandelbaum in the1970’s, who developed couponingprograms for major advertisers such asRalphs, Fred Meyer, Pathmark and others.
  4. 4.  American Saver will achieve market growth through the Associate Publisher licensing program. Each AP should become key members of their local business community with connections to the Chamber of Commerce as well as other business and non-profit networking groups. Each AP will be licensed to sell and market American Saver products in geographic areas of up to 100,000 homes on a turn key basis and control their own profits through sales volume. The AP key objective is to build a network of clients who can buy into one or more of the AS marketing programs.
  5. 5.  American Saver Klub (A.S.K.) - Annually American Saver Magazine - Quarterly - Monthly American Saver Bonu$ Buy$ - Weekly Uncle Sam’s Daily Deal - Daily
  6. 6.  Due to high costs & excessive discounting, 52% of Groupon merchants have no plans to participate in the program again*  Despite Groupon’s assurances to the contrary, participating merchants have seen low-to- nonexistent customer repeat rates*  According to Harvard Business Review &, Groupon ―might be lethal to small businesses‖*
  7. 7. The A.S.K. card is more like a customerloyalty program than a Groupon savingsoffer—instead of giving customers a hugehuge, one-time 50% savings and neverseeing them again, A.S.K. cards feature a far moremerchant-friendly discount that’s valid each and every timeyour client’s customers stop in—thereby generating andreinforcing the critical return business that all retailers needto achieve and sustain profitability.
  8. 8.  Loyalty Card Program with annual fee of $19.95 Discounts can be used over and over all year long at each participating merchant Mobile Text Messaging of offers to members Merchants can sell cards or use as incentives A.S.K. cards sold by participating merchants, local schools, non-profits and community organizations for fund raising
  9. 9. Unlike Groupon, which can only offer clients onlinemarketing solutions, American Saver offers ourclients the ability to participate in a direct mailprogram that effectively targets 10,000 - 25,000 oftheir prime demographics, and all at the mostattractive rates in the industry with no adproduction costs!
  10. 10.  Published Quarterly  Contains valuable merchant coupons Solo, direct mailed in zones of 25,000 homes  Celebrity Cover with Travel, Lifestyle & Editorial Promoted on broadcast Features
  11. 11. Depending upon client participationlevels, American Saver also offers theadditional, zero-cost exposure, allowing retailers anopportunity to issue special offers, communicatedirectly to their customers and even gain valuabledemographic information about their most loyalcustomers.
  12. 12.  On-Line Coupon Program ASM Issue & Coupons available@ Link to A.S.K. website Email Sign-Up/Opt-In’s/Blasts American Saver Media PromotionMaterials Facebook/Twitter Interface View Current TV/Radio/Direct MailAdvertising Campaigns
  13. 13. Due to strong, existing relationships with directmail providers, we also offer your clientsparticipation in a weekly, direct mail Bonus Buyprogram—offering additional exposure via newspaperand mailbox inserts, at a discount far below traditionalmarket rates.
  14. 14.  Opportunities for inserts in Red Plum mailer Offers merchants more frequent Direct Mail targeted advertising opportunities New Advertiser Potential/Tactical Campaigns Potential National Distribution / Advertisers
  15. 15. Your clients can also take advantage ofour Groupon-inspired Uncle Sam’s DailyDeal, where we’ve eliminated the pitfalls nowbeing associated with Groupon’s program, whilestill maintaining it’s positive, attractiveaspects, such as no retailer upfront costs, etc.
  16. 16.  Deal of the Day website (similar to Groupon) Revenue Share – No Advertiser Upfront Cost Numerous Payout/Revenue Opportunities Partner with Leading Back-end Web Operator Large repeat customer potential for advertisers in combination with A.S.K. program
  17. 17. Nine state-of-the-art, excitingvideo technologies availablethrough strategic partnershipwith Talk Fusion
  18. 18.  License to sell American Saver products in zones of 25,000 homes each Up to 100,000 homes per license agreement Turn-key business opportunity – AS business model Low upfront cost Strong local community connections Unlimited growth potential
  19. 19.  American Saver Media offers the perfect product mix at the perfect time featuring the emerging media predicted to dominate advertising revenue growth for the years to come. American Saver Media is structured to be flexible and change quickly as new media technologies become available. Now is the perfect time to jump on board, partner and share in the revenue growth that American Saver offers.…..The American Saver Way
  20. 20. American Saver Management TeamRic Mandelbaum, President Having worked in advertising, publishing and direct mail for over 30 years, Ric has tremendous knowledge ofthis industry and contacts with many national companies. He has helped national franchise companies market their services toentrepreneurs interested in starting their own small business. On a regional and national basis, Ric has provided marketinghelp to Chrysler Corporation, Carnival Cruise Lines, Clear Channel and others. Regional clients include Ralphs GroceryCompany, Fred Meyer and many more. Included in his scope of expertise are promotions, sweepstakes, direct mail magazinesand coupon publications. Ric has developed a multi-media licensing concept providing local licensees and advertisers severalways to attract new customers and generate repeat visits all under the American Saver name.Jim Himmel, Vice President of Operations During an extensive career in the advertising and media business, Jim has developed strategies andimplemented plans for major advertisers such as American Airlines, Exxon, Coca Cola foods, Texas Instruments and ZaleCorporation. In addition, Jim has sold major market local and national broadcast/cable advertising, and managed sales andoperations departments. His experience is a great asset as VP of Operations for American Saver and he will also helpgenerate Associate Publishers for the national licensees program.Mickey Sambor, Vice President of Sales Accumulating 30 years experience in media sales and sales management, Mickey is a leader in this field ofexpertise. He has held numerous positions including General Sales Manager- KROQ-FM- Los Angeles, Vice President ofSales/ Western and Central Regions- Financial News Network (FNN), General Manager- HBO Visitor Information Network-New York, General Sales Manager- KESQ-TV- Palm Springs and General Manager- Time Warner Cable Media Sales- PalmSprings (8 years).Ross Steiner, Vice President of Marketing Ross has a 25-year history of forming the creative and strategic direction of companies as diverse as SonyPictures Entertainment and Earl Scheib Auto Paint—and everything in-between. Armed with a double-major in journalism andmarketing, Ross is a results-driven advertising and marketing professional with a diverse and market-proven skill set, including:marketing and public relations campaign development in both traditional and emerging new media, forging and strengtheninghigh-value business relationships, strategic planning, creative conceptualization, media planning and buying, as well aspossessing extremely strong and persuasive oral, written and presentation skills.
  21. 21. RMM, LLC CEO/President Ric Mandelbaum VP Administration VP Sales VP Marketing VP Operations Creative Director Becky Mandelbaum Mickey Sambor Ross Steiner Jim Himmel David BraucherAmerican Saver Associate Publisher AS Bonu$ Uncle Sam’s A.S.K. Licensing Online Buy$ Daily Deals Magazine VP National Sales Becky Ric Mandelbaum Director Jim Himmel John Pivinski Mickey Sambor Mandelbaum Website Website Editorial/Production Kate Spates Ric Mandelbaum Randy Myers Becky Mandelbaum Talk Fusion CSR Ric, Mickey, Jim Chelsea Van Es