RWW Mobile Summit Keynote Presentation, May 2010


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Keynote delivered by Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb founder and CEO, at the company's Mobile Summit in Mountain View, 7th May 2010.

The theme of the keynote was: Mobile Trends for 2010 and beyond.

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RWW Mobile Summit Keynote Presentation, May 2010

  1. Mobile Trends 2010 Richard MacManus Founder & CEO ReadWriteWeb
  2. 5 Mobile Trends of 2010 1. Native App and/or Browser Based? 2. Geo-location Services 3. Internet of Things 4. Emerging Wireless Standards 5. Augmented Reality Image:
  3. Source: Gartner;
  4. Native App OR Browser Based?
  5. The Numbers 326,000 Mobile Touch Web sites worldwide (circa Jan 10; source: Taptu) 185,000 iPhone apps in the App Store (as at April 10; source: Wikipedia) 27,000 apps in the Android market (circa April 10; source: Image:
  6. Source: Taptu;
  7. Burbn: Browser-Based HTML5 Location-Based Social Network
  8. 12 Future Apps For Your iPhone Alex Iskold, March 2008 1. Reality Tagging 2. People Tagging 3. Reality Recognition 4. Physical Social Networks 5. Personalized Travel Guides 6. Digital and Physical Treasure Hunt 7. Distributed Mobile Games 8. Credit Card and Biometrics as Software 9. Paperless Receipts & Digital Business Cards 10. Medical records as Software 11. Physical Browsing & Digital Shopping 12. Location/time-based deals
  9. Recognizr: Facial Recognition Coming to Android Phones
  10. Geo-location Services - Location-as-Platform - Where you are Use Cases: Showing nearby restaurants and ratings Mobile advertising Local news Events Wikipedia data about local buildings Imagine the possibilities when you add data from sensors...
  11. Internet of Things - Barcode scanning (e.g. data about a product) - Phone as RFID tag and reader Sensors: - Phone reads and acts on sensor data from real world objects (e.g. temperature, noise, activity). - The phone may be used as a sensor itself (e.g. proximity).
  12. Sensors/Senses The iPhone has a built-in accelerometer (motion detector). Uses include: Game control Navigation functions Augmented Reality Context-awareness apps The iPhone also has: Microphone (noise sensor) Proximity sensor Ambient light sensor
  13. Shipments of mobile phone motion sensors (accelerometers, compasses, gyroscopes and pressure sensors) 2.2 will rise to billion units in 2014, up from 435.9 million in Pic: iBeer; 2009. Source: iSuppli Corp;
  14. Emerging Wireless Standards NFC - Near Field Communication - Mobile payments DASH7 - Wireless sensor networking standard - Advanced location-based services - Long-distance mobile advertising - Mobile coupons Other standards include WiMax, ZigBee and 4G.
  15. Source: DASH7 Alliance;
  16. Augmented Reality Practical application is the golden ticket of Augmented Reality. antjeverena;
  17. Over 1,000 AR campaigns were kicked off in 2009 These bigcos have employed AR:
  18. Wikitude Brings Augmented "Worlds" to the iPhone
  19. Junaio iPhone App Partnership with BART, SF Bay Area Rapid Transit system. Uses BART API: Place locations of nearby stations in a user's field of vision Estimate arrival time of trains at each station Display that live in real-time using AR.
  20. DISCUSS!