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World Class Maintenance WebEx Slides


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This WebEx was presented on February 4, 2013.

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World Class Maintenance WebEx Slides

  1. 1. The Journey to World Class MaintenancePresented by: Ricky Smith, CMRPFebruary 2013 Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  2. 2. “A Proactive Reliability Process is a supply chain. If a step in theprocess is skipped, or performed at a substandard level, theprocess creates defects known as failures. The output of ahealthy reliability process is optimal asset reliability at optimalcost.” - Ron Thomas, former Reliability Director Dofasco Steel, Hamilton, ON Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  3. 3. A few questions which need to be answered! • How many companies achieved World Class Maintenance? • How long does it take to achieve World Class Maintenance? • What are the benefits of World Class Maintenance? • What are the attributes you expect from a World Class Maintenance Organization? Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  4. 4. Known Companies – World Class Maintenance • Exxon - Baytown, Texas (Exxon-Mobil) • Alumax Mt Holly (Alcoa Mt Holly) – Goose Creek, SC • Ford Motor Company – Paris, France Alcoa Mt Holly Exxon-Mobil Baytown Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  5. 5. Achieving World Class Maintenance Status• Not time dependent• It is a journey not a program• The journey never ends, the view just gets better Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  6. 6. World Class Maintenance – How hard is it? Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  7. 7. Benefits of World Class Maintenance Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  8. 8. World Class Maintenance Attributes • Operate with a planned and scheduled proactive maintenance process and manage this process with a Computerized Maintenance Management System – data entry is not an optional feature • Integrate all the plant business functions into one on-line common data base system and make available to all employees in normal performance of duties. • Maintenance and Production must be aligned and work toward a common goal • From a basic point of view there are two maintenance approaches. – One approach is reactive and the other is proactive – The Proactive Approach must be selected for WCM – The goals of this approach are:  Equipment performance must meet specifications  Maintain Capacity  Continuous improvement must be part of everyone’s life Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  9. 9. Proactive Model – World Class Maintenance Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  10. 10. World Class Maintenance Results Wrench Time = 62.8% Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  11. 11. Maintenance Maturity – Where are you? Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  12. 12. Maintenance Definition – John Day Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  13. 13. World Class Maintenance “Journey” “The Journey never ends, sit back and enjoy the view” Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  14. 14. Alumax Mt Holly (Alcoa Mt Holly) – How good were they? - These results have received extensive recognition on a national and international level - The first major recognition came in 1984 when Plant Engineering magazine published a feature article about their Maintenance Organization - In 1987 A.T. Kearney, an international management consultant, performed a study to find the best maintenance operations in North America - Alumax of S.C. was selected as one of the seven "Best of the Best". - In 1989, Maintenance Technology magazine recognized Alumax as the Best Maintenance Operation in the U.S. within its category and best overall in all categories - In 1997 Alumax Mt Holly was certified as one of three plants in the world ever to meet “World Class Maintenance” certification Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  15. 15. Alcoa Mt Holly – Where are they now? • Recently won the NAME Award • People visit their plant and cannot believe what they see • Hundreds of companies have visited their operation “Managers who visited the plant have said they do not agree with Alumax’s approach to Maintenance however what they cannot say it does not work, we have proven it does work” - John Day PE Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  16. 16. Tips – John Day PE, Alumax Mt Holly • Walk-around and visit all production areas during the week randomly, no talking just walking • A few metrics to use: – Cost (material usage) – Cost (Maintenance Supervisors’ areas of responsibility) – Maintenance Cost % of RAV – Material Cost % of RAV • Listen to your people • Listen to operators • Be respectful • “Walk the fence” Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  17. 17. My Opinion “if you think something cannot be done, you are right” “if you think something can be done, you are right” “so, what do you think?” Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  18. 18. A Few Simple Tips / Lessons Learned 1. Insure you have an Effective Vision backed by strong and sustained leadership (Alignment is a requirement) 2. Educate everyone from technicians to plant management – “STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE WORLD-CLASS PRODUCTION THROUGH RELIABILITY” ------------- It is all about the conversation! – Management cannot achieve success without everyone being aligned 3. Maintenance should be treated as an investment rather than a cost – Have a comprehensive philosophy on which your maintenance management system is built along with a Proactive Maintenance Model – Maintenance is an investment, as such it is expected to show a positive return by improving the profitability of an operation – 100% use of the Maintenance Software must not be optional 4. Begin the Journey. The only requirement is taking the first step Copyright 2013 GPAllied©
  19. 19. Questions/Comments? Copyright 2013 GPAllied©