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Single Lesson - Developing Repeatable Effective Work Procedures


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Want to reduce variation in your work execution. Having repeatable, effective work procedures is a must. Check out this Single Point Lesson.

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Single Lesson - Developing Repeatable Effective Work Procedures

  1. 1. Developing Repeatable/Effective Maintenance Work Procedures  “Tool Box Talk” – Journey to World Class  Effective Work Procedures is key to success   Having the ability to effect work execution without spending money of training everyone –in Work Execution  the procedure becomes training document. (You cannot survive without it)  Knowing how you can change a procedureWork Execution: is the maintenance function which produced a different outcome.which involves how we perform Preventive  Work effectiveness is measurableMaintenance, Predictive Maintenance, andCorrective Maintenance in a repeated and effective Required sections in any effective, repeatablemanner. work procedure  Step by Step ProceduresMeasurements of Effectiveness: Mean TimeBetween Failure, Rework, Line Efficiency, Lower  Specifications / StandardsParts Cost, Emergency vs PM Labor Hours, etc.  Required Parts / Potential Parts Consumables  Explicit warnings and cautions  Notes for clarification  Special Tools  Special Equipment  Craft and Number of Each Craft  Special PermitsWork Execution Principles: 1. Work Procedures must be repeatable  Coordination requirements 2. Work Procedures must be clear and What is the problem? Human Performance - concise Factors that affect Human Performance: 3. Work Procedures must be measurable 1. Age Work 2. State of Mind 4. Procedures must have standards and 3. Physical Health specifications defined. 4. Attitude 5. Work Procedures must be followed in a 5. Emotions discipline manner. 6. Propensity for Common Mistakes 6. Work Procedures must drive consistency of execution (especially among people of 7. Errors different skills levels). 8. Cognitive Biases 7. Work Procedures must be QA/QC by management to ensure adherence to work “We have learned to live in a world of mistakes and execution standards defective products as if they were necessary to life” – Dr. W. Edward DemingValue of Effective Work Procedures No Concern about how to train new employees Next Steps: No Concern about people retiring, all their 1. Ensure you have effective PM/PdM and knowledge is in a procedure. Corrective Work Procedures 2. Write or modify procedures so they meet the“In the absence of standards we have chaos” standard above. 3. Measure performance of these procedures. Discipline in work execution = optimal reliability of process and equipment reliability. “You cannot achieve World Class without it”   Join me Nov 8-10, 2011 in Charleston, SC for this awesome GPAllied 4200 Faber Place  workshop. Learn more at: Charleston, SC 29405    http://gpalliedtrainingdevelopingeffectiveworkprocedures‐ Office (843) 414‐5760    Fax (843) 414‐5779