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Cost Per Print solution offered through our Managed Print Services solution.

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  • “building animation illustrating the encompass process and green report output”During the fleet assessment process of an Encompass analysis, detailed asset information is gathered such as locations, product models and types, equipment specifications, and usage data to create an extensive report that calculates the total cost of ownership for the client. This same data now able to be leveraged to pinpoint opportunities to reduce environmental impacts of paper consumption, power consumption; the emission of dust, carbon, ozone and other substances; and the volumes of solid and water waste produced.  The report will measure the current environmental state including paper consumption, Electrical consumption, CO2 emissions, Natural Resource Consumption and calculate the recommended state and resultant "earth savings" under an optimized state on a per device level based on actual usage patterns, local regional power costs, and CO2 emissions by state.
  • Cost Per Page Mps Presentation 11 10 09

    1. 1.
    2. 2. The Challenge<br />PRINTING IS EXPENSIVE<br />On average, 6.38% of annual revenues are spent on printing and managing documents (up to 14.7%)<br />Average network printer contains over $400 in consumables<br />HP LaserJet 4700 contains 6 consumable items totaling $1,350<br />PRINTER FLEETS ARE DIFFICULT TO MANAGE<br />1 device for every 2 – 3 employees<br />Many different vendors, supply items, agreements, service levels<br />Lack of consistent management reporting (usage, service, productivity)<br />PRINTERS FLEETS ARE INEFFICIENT<br />Average device utilization about 1.7%<br />1% of printers are ink, but represent 10% of the cost<br />Color accounts for 10% of volume, but 40% of the cost<br />
    3. 3. What is MPS?<br />A coordinated strategy to manage all aspects of a printing infrastructure including consumables, hardware, service, fleet management, reporting, process automation and device optimization. The primary goal of MPS is drive down printing costs while improving productivity & reliability.<br />HAGAN MPS<br />Tri-County Service<br />Toner & Consumables Fulfillment<br />Repair Parts / Maintenance Kits<br />Supports All Makes & Models<br />Coordinated Management Tools<br />Enterprise-Wide Reporting<br />eCommerce / Spend Management<br />Creative & Flexible Billing Programs<br />
    4. 4. On-Site Break/Fix<br />Nationwide<br />Helpdesk<br />& Triage<br />Printer Service Reporting<br />Spend Management<br />OEM & Compatible Toner<br />Fleet Optimization<br />Hardware Leasing<br />Multi-Function Printer Hardware<br />On-Site Fleet Management<br />Consolidated CPC Billing<br />Fax Device Support<br />Automated Meter Collection<br />Automated Toner Replenishment<br />eCommerce<br />Service Parts / Kits<br />HP Printers<br />
    5. 5. Supplies<br />Encompass Brand Toner<br />High Quality / Aggressive Price<br />OEM Equivalent – Three year Guarantee<br />Desktop Delivery<br />Nearly All Makes / Models<br />Recycling Included<br />Toner Recycling<br />Bin-based recycling program<br />Cartridges either reused or repurposed<br />
    6. 6. MPS Service<br />-HAGAN MPS Service<br />Online & Phone Helpdesk / Triage<br />Centralized Dispatch<br />Place Service Calls Online<br />Detailed / Customized Reporting<br />Support nearly all makes/models/types<br />Improved Management<br />Simplified Pricing / Budgeting<br />Reduce / Eliminate Burden on IT Department<br />
    7. 7. Hardware<br />HP,LEXMARK,OKIDATA Partnership<br />Elite level pricing direct to the customer<br />Not available through depot stores (Staples, Office Depot, etc)<br />End-user device procurement<br />Cost / Convenience balance<br />Enforce Standardization<br />Leverage Rebates <br />Printer Trade In<br />Mix in with Toshiba Hardware<br />Blend with MFP agreements<br />Blend CPC pricing<br />
    8. 8. Fleet Management<br />Toshiba/Hagan<br />Service<br />Help Desk / Issue Resolution<br />Service Requests<br />Monitoring / Reporting / Device History <br /> (if requested)<br />Ordering<br />Order Hardware / Toner<br />Implement Spend Management Policies<br />Automated Toner Replenishment<br />Order History / User Tracking<br />Management<br />Automated Meter Collection<br />Usage Reporting (device, location, class of devices)<br />Training / End-User Resources<br />Population Reports<br />Individual Asset Management<br />
    9. 9. Pricing Models<br />Buy Toner, Service Included<br />Blended CPC, Toner, Parts, Service<br />Blended CPC, MPS + Hardware*<br />Blended CPC, Entire Fleet (Print, Copy, Fax)<br />Cost of Ownership<br />Decision Process<br />* PageSmart CPC Direct<br />Inclusive of all toner, parts, labor, fixed cost per page, standardized SLA’s, helpdesk, full reporting, fleet optimization services, HP hardware, accurate and predictable cost models, automated toner replenishment, meter collection.<br />
    10. 10. Encompass<br />Toshiba-proprietary Document Output Assessment<br />Based on 6-Sigma, DMAIC Methodology<br />Baseline Current State<br />Complete Inventory of All Output Devices<br />Audit of Financial Condition<br />Measure Usage and Utilization<br />Propose various improvement scenarios<br />Fully optimize fleet based on usage, cost, proximity, functionality<br />Encompass Benefits<br />Average cost reduction 30% - 40%<br />Streamline Operations<br />Improve device availability<br />Provide a visual and financial justification for change<br />Eliminate redundant devices / improve device utilization<br />Eliminate stores of outdated or mismatched supplies<br />
    11. 11. Fleet Before<br />
    12. 12. Fleet During<br />
    13. 13. Fleet After<br />Floor Stats:<br />Devices<br />Spend<br />Emp:Dev*<br />Volume<br />* Based on 174 employees<br />Before<br />103<br />$94k<br />1.69<br />287k<br />After<br />34<br />$57k<br />5.11<br />287k<br />
    14. 14. Encompass Green Report<br /><ul><li>New Addition To Encompass
    15. 15. Uses actual device data and volumes and locations from Encompass to measure environmental impact and costs using power costs by region and CO2 emissions by state.
    16. 16. Compares both Current and Optimized State:
    17. 17. Paper Consumption
    18. 18. Electrical Consumption and CO2 Emissions
    19. 19. Natural Resource and Solid Waste Impact
    20. 20. Environmental and Economic Costs
    21. 21. Impact of Duplex Printing
    22. 22. Reduced paper costs / fewer trees cut down
    23. 23. Impact of Energy Efficient Devices
    24. 24. Reduced energy costs / carbon footprint
    25. 25. Impact of recycling cartridges
    26. 26. Reduced solid waste / landfill waste</li></li></ul><li>