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An overview of branding from a storytelling perspective.

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5.3 branding and pr.pptx

  1. 1. This presentation is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents of this presentation are the sole responsibility of Rick Rasmussen and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government. Branding and Public Relations
  2. 2. What is your Brand? • Storytelling – one of the oldest human ways of sharing experiences, – creating emotional connections, and – transferring important information. • The art of creating and then telling a great story is deceptively simple
  3. 3. Storytelling • Imagine all the times you have tried to command the floor in a large group and regal everyone with some great tale. – Make people relate to, and emotionally invest in, something that may not have happened to them. – You have to create a demand to consume the content you are creating – Acohesive narrative – Captivate
  4. 4. Effective Brand Story
  5. 5. Brand vs. Logo • Brand is your story • Logo is only a mark • Brand and Logo are separate but should reinforce each other
  6. 6. Brand Rule #1: Stand for something • Anchor your story in core values – The “north stars” of your company. – Thesevaluesimpacteverything: • customerrelations • socialmediastrategy • organizationalcultureetc. – Integrate into the way you treat your employees,your customersand anyone elsewith whom your companycomesintocontact.
  7. 7. Brand Rule # 2. Find history and context • Create a history and a context for your company/product. • Use data and facts to tell give the history of the problem you are solving to make the company seem relevant • Help create a feeling of permanence through the use of a rich narrative that speaks to the already existing moving parts.
  8. 8. Brand Rule # 3. Get everyone involved • Engage your communityand employees to help you grow your brand story with you. • Encouragethem to contributecontent as they use your product, connect with your brand, and help you grow. • Don’tjust tell the story, livethe story and capture it as you go. – Makeyourvaluesthemoraltothison-going narrativeaboutwhatyoudo,whereyouaregoing andwhatyoubelievein. – Makesureeveryonethatworksforyouknows howtosayitinawaythemakesthemmore effectiveattheirjobs. – Encourageandchallengeyourcommunitytohelp youevolveandgrow.
  9. 9. Getting the message out… Public Relations • Public Relations (PR): managing the flow of information between an organization and the public • Persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, etc. to maintain a certain point of view about: – the company – its leadership – products and services – political decisions • Proactively shaping opinions (spin)
  10. 10. PR Delivery Pipeline Message Messenger Media Audience
  11. 11. Fields of Public Relations… • Product – gaining publicity for a particular product or service • Corporate – promoting company and company messaging • Financial – communicating financial results and business strategy • Crisis communication – responding in a crisis • Internal communications – communicating within the company itself • Government relations – engaging government departments to influence public policy Often these roles are combined under one person or organization
  12. 12. PR: Tools to spread the message Active engagement • Publicity events • News conferences • Speaking opportunities • Press interviews Passive engagement • Press releases • Social media • Newsletters • Blogs • Media kits • B roll (stock video clips)
  13. 13. PR Resources • PR Firms – Small and large agencies – Assist in messaging – Have strong relations with media – Global footprint • Individual PR consultants – Former members of PR firms – Lower cost with lesser reach • In-house PR – Can be lowest cost – Combine with social media and other delivery mechanisms
  14. 14. Brand legal protection vehicles Trademarks Trade Secrets Patents Copyrights