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Monthly Newsletter

  1. 1. “The most natural food is fruit” Fitness that comes to you Monthly Newsletter We are predisposed to respond to exercise in a particular way, Hi everyone, in large part, because of our genetics. Our genetic makeup determines what types of muscle fibers we have and where We have a new President. Wool!!! He said we can create our they are distributed. It determines our ratio of testosterone to own reality. I believe that for myself and for you. It's all in estrogen, and where we store body fat. And it also determines how you look at it. See yourself as vibrant, healthy, full of our body type. energy and ready to ROLL. If you are feeling down and tired, pay attention to what you are thinking. Decide to choose some A QUESTION OF BODY TYPE better feeling thoughts. Yea, you can do that. It's your brain you know. Look for things that make you feel good. Before All women (men too) fall under one of three body you know it you will be up and at em. Ready to go for a walk, classifications, or are a combination of types. Mesomorphs run, hit the gym, call Rick for more sessions (smile), ride a tend to be muscular, endomorphs are more rounded and bike, swim, make love (not war)...whatever. voluptuous and ectomorphs are slim or linear in shape. Mesomorphs respond to strength training by building muscle HAVE FUN, ITS GOOD FOR YOU. mass much faster than their ectomorphic counterparts, even though they may be following identical training regimens. ______________________________________ Endomorphs generally need to lose body fat in order to see a HOW WOMEN BUILD MUSCLE change in size or shape as a result of strength training. Ectomorphs are less likely to build muscle mass but will There are more myths and misconceptions about strength become stronger as a result of resistance training. training than any other area of fitness. While research continues to uncover more and more reasons why working out Building just your heart muscle with weights is good for you, many women continue to avoid resistance training for fear of developing muscles of herculean One of the fundamental principles of strength training is that if proportions. you overload the muscle, you will increase its size. With aerobic training, the overload is typically your body weight. Other women have tried it and have been less than thrilled with Activities such as step/bench training or stair-stepping result in the results. Don't worry, people say. Women can't build muscle changes in the size and shape of the muscles of the lower like men. They don't have enough testosterone. This is , in body. Increasing the height of the step or adding power only part true. movements increases the overload. Many women, believing wouldn’t build muscle, hit the gym with For those concerned about building muscle, it would be better a vengeance and then wondered why, after several weeks of to reduce the step height or lower the impact of the resistance training, their clothes didn't fit and they had gained movements. While this may reduce the aerobic value of the muscle weight. workout, it also will decrease the amount of overload on the muscles, making it less likely that you will build more muscle. The truth is, not everyone responds to training in quite the same way. While testosterone plays a role in muscle TRAINING BY THE RULES development, the answer to why some men and women increase in muscle size and others don’t lies within our DNA. When it comes to strength training, the old rules still applies: to get stronger, work with heavier weights and perform fewer
  2. 2. repetitions. To promote endurance, use lighter weights and Overall, the former couch potatoes reported more complete more repetitions. reliable sexual functioning, more frequent sexual activity and orgasms, and greater satisfaction. Understanding your body type and how you might respond to exercise can help you set realistic goals and expectations. Yet another study, conducted at the Harvard School of Avoid comparisons to others you see, at the gym or elsewhere, Public Health, revealed that men who exercised and remember that no two people are alike. vigorously for 20 to 30 minutes were about half as likely to have erection problems as inactive men. The Focus on how good exercise makes you feel rather than how scientists in this study also discovered that as a man you would like to look. Accepting our bodies for what they are gained weight, he became more susceptible to is a great way to get rid of the guilt or pressure we often feel experiencing erectile dysfunction (E.D.). to look a certain way. Women's sex lives can also benefit from regular exercise. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin studied How do you like that? 35 women, ages 18 to 34. On two separate occasions the women first watched a short travel film followed be _________________________________________ an abbreviated X-rated film. SEX To begin with, the subjects cycled vigorously for 20 minutes. The second time they didn't. Researchers Exercise is not only a well documented means of calculated their sexual response using a device that maintaining muscle and losing fat, recent studies measures blood flow in the genital tissue, and discovered propose that it can also revitalize your sex life. that the women's virginal responses were 169 percent greater after exercising. In a February 1999 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists found that sexual More to love dysfunction is more likely among those with poor physical and emotional health, and plays a major role Doctors believe that exercise has the effect it does on with negative experiences in sexual relationships and increasing sexual potency because it strengthens the with overall well-being. cardiovascular system and improves circulation. Good circulation is important for sexual function. Studying sex and exercise Other things that hamper circulation include obesity, Sexual function is affected by general health, and the smoking or heavy alcohol use, however losing weight more you can do to improve your health by taking good and quitting smoking or drinking didn't improve sexual care of yourself, the better your sex life can be. function the way exercise did. Doctors at the New England Research Institute found If exercise can do so much for your sex life, shouldn’t that regular, vigorous exercise can be effective in more be even better? The answer is no, according to lowering impotence risk. The researchers studied more the same doctors who did the studies. Heavy exercise than 600 middle-aged men who hadn't reported any can actually decrease testosterone levels, leading to a problems with impotence. After eight years, the men less-robust sexual appetite. who exercised regularly were less likely to have problems. In addition, over-training can compromise the immune system, which could also adversely affect sexual Vigorous exercise - the equivalent of walking two miles performance. or burning 200 extra calories a day - was most effective. On the opposite coast, a University of California, San Exercise, while not a panacea can be just what the Diego study of 78 healthy but sedentary middle-aged doctor ordered for physical and psychological complaints. men documented changes when the men were assigned to exercise three to four times a week for one-hour sessions. ___________________________________________
  3. 3. More experienced exercisers might begin an hour long workout with a 15 minute jog to a nearby pool. After a 20 minute swim and perhaps a few minutes of Create your Exercise calisthenics, the can finish off their workout with a 15 minute walk jog back home and several minutes of Tired of the same old workout? Looking for a level of flexibility exercises. fitness that your current exercise routine can't offer? Are you experiencing nagging injuries that just don't seem to Get creative with cross training heal? If you're looking to increase your endurance level, try If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a alternating low -level aerobic activities, such as 20 likely candidate for cross training. Cross training is minutes of stationary cycling, with 10 minutes of higher simply a way of adding variety to your exercise program. intensity exercise, such as stair stepping or jumping You can vary your aerobic routine and incorporate some rope. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend muscular strength and flexibility training as well. on the more intense activity. These formulas can be used with just about any type of activity as long as you And if you think cross training is new, think again. enjoy it. Combining a group of aerobic activities into one Athletes have been cross training since the day of workout at a steady or various intensities is an excellent Olympic decathlons and pentathlons of ancient Greece. way to fight the boredom that comes from the same (Older still is Egypt, been doing a lot of research on daily workout routine. ancient Egypt lately don’t get me started) The past decade has seen the popularity of the triathlon reach All exercise sessions, whether they involve cross training international proportions, introducing the concept of or not, should begin and end with low level aerobic cross training even to the most recreational athletes. exercise and stretching to effectively warm up and cool down. And remember, it's always a good idea to check What's the point? with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program. The benefits of cross training are numerous. It reduces the risk of injury because the same muscles, bones and _______________________________________ joints are not continuously subjected to the stresses of the same activity. If you have questions or would like a program developed just for you give me a call. Cross training also adds variety to your workouts, making your routine more interesting and easier to stick with. Ricky Martin (804) 878-0121 For the athlete, it provides a break from the rigors and stresses of single-sport training. Cross training improves your overall fitness and, over an extended period of time, may ultimately lead to improved performance. The nuts and bolts of cross training _____________________________________ Whether you are new to exercise of a competitive athlete, the essentials of cross training are the same. This month we started two new groups around town. You can choose to vary your routine form workout to We have a nutrition and fitness group held at Cedar St Baptist church that meets on Sat. at 8:30am. We will workout, or simply add a new component within your be using a John Hopkins faith based curriculum for existing exercise program. nutrition. One of the easiest ways to start cross training is to The other group meets twice a week at the Vinings off alternate between activities; walking one day, swimming of Iron bridge Rd. We meet there on Mon, and Thur, or biking the next. Or, you can alternate these activities nights at 6:30pm. We will be meeting for 5 weeks. within a single workout, spending five minutes on a Come Join us. treadmill, five minutes on a stationary cycle, and so on for a total of 20 minutes.