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By Ricky Wang

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  1. 1. GeorgiaBy Ricky Wang
  2. 2. Basic InfoGeorgia is located near the line dividing Asiaand EuropeThe official language of Georgia is Georgian.Some other languages spoken are: Russian,Armenian and AzeriThe currency used in Georgia is lari (ლ)The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi
  3. 3. Flag of GeorgiaThe large red cross represents St George’s Cross(The patron saint of Georgia).The smaller crosses were added during the reignof George V of GeorgiaThe flag was adopted in 2004 after roughly 500years from the last usage
  4. 4. IndependenceIn the nineteenth century, Georgia was part ofthe Russian Empire. In 1918, Georgia declaredindependence from the Russian Empire.In 1921, Georgia was forced to become part ofthe USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).In 1991, just before the collapse of the USSR,Georgia declared independence again. Georgiawas one of the first countries to break apart fromthe USSR.
  5. 5. Georgia in the Rugby World Cup 2011Pool: Pool BRanking: 16thColour of uniform: Red and White
  6. 6. Food in GeorgiaIn Georgia, the importance of food and drink is bestobserved during a supra (feast), where huge assortmentsof food is prepared.National Dishes: khachapuri (bread or pastry baked withGeorgian cheese, mtsvadi (chunks of meat cooked overan open fire), khinkali (“dumplings” usually filled withmeat), badrijani (eggplant fried with spiced walnut paste)and lobiani (bread stuffed with beans)
  7. 7. Culture of GeorgiaIn Georgia, wine is more like a religion. Winestrengthens the national sprit.Grapevine in mentioned in Georgian legendsand songs
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