Email Pruning In Mailchimp


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Find out how to find the best customers in your list using e-mail vendor MailChimp. Since a majority of your list never opens or clicks your e-mail campaigns, you can reduce costs and abuse reports by segmenting and sending to best customers.

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Email Pruning In Mailchimp

  1. 1. Effective E-mail Pruning in MailChimp
  2. 2. Prerequisites • A MailChimp account (although this concept can be used with any vendor) • History of having sent a number of campaigns to a list
  3. 3. Why prune your list? • Avoid getting “blacklisted” by your e-mail vendor • Lower costs, improve ROI • Better open rates • Reduce or eliminate bounces and spam abuse complaints
  4. 4. MailChimp’s “member ratings” • 1 Star- negative rating (unsubscribed and re-subscribed, or soft bounced) • 2 Star- no activity, never opened or clicked, most likely a new member • 3 Star- limited activity • 4 Star- a little more activity • 5 Star- lots of activity
  5. 5. The “best customer” segment • Create a segment of 3-star and above subscribers • You’ll be sending to only those that have opened or clicked before • Will most likely dramatically reduce list size • Send campaigns to this segment for best results
  6. 6. The 2-star subscriber • Don’t neglect as they may be new to your list • Create a new segment of just 2-star subscribers that have recently been added to your list • Send the campaign to them – You may want to include an exclusive offer & catchy subject line to encourage opening and clicking
  7. 7. Prune with confidence • Always backup the list to your computer or server • You may opt to remove those with a 2-star and lower rating who... – Have been on the list for a significant period of time (start with a year) – Haven’t ever opened or clicked
  8. 8. A case study • Online retail client – List size was cut by 69%, saving client $75 per month in fees – Open rate was 2x the industry average – Click rate was almost 2x the industry – Bounces are almost non-existent – No abuse complaints – Only a handful of unsubscribes
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