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Expand Your Business Thru Unlocking Your Brand Equity - Quickie Manufacturing

This case study discusses the importance of understanding your brand equity - especially in consideration of new product initiatives in adjacent product categories. Will consumers allow your brand to go there? Quickie Manufacturing understood this and was successful in evolving from just a hand cleaning tool (mop & broom) company.

Rick Steinbrenner - The Global Brand Guy

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Expand Your Business Thru Unlocking Your Brand Equity - Quickie Manufacturing

  1. 1. Business Expansion Through Unlocking Brand Equity1
  2. 2. Quickie Business Situation  Quickie - #1 manufacturer of hand cleaning tools* - invented the butterfly sponge mop and other mop/broom/brush innovations.  However, other companies encroaching on Quickie’s core business – cannibalizing core butterfly sponge mop sales -33% vs. year ago. Floor Mate Orange Glo  Hand cleaning tools – including Quickie - started to take on “commodity” status – retailers driving down retail and acquisition pricing.2 * Source: IRI 52 weeks ending 4/20/’03
  3. 3. Quickie Business Actions  Need to expand scope of business beyond hand cleaning tools – move into more “integrated” cleaning solutions.  Invent new product innovation and technology – meeting consumer “needs” not addressed by competition.  Move into higher retail price points beyond $20-$50 but not avoid traditional corded vacs and sweepers Hand Strategy: Tools surround the consumer with “total” cleaning solutions Identify various combinations of hand tools, chemicals and power Inside the “Cleaning Triangle” Cleaning Electrical/ Chemicals Hydro Power3
  4. 4. Quickie Business Results  Launched JetSweep - the first spray water powred push broom that swept dirt away in one pass - 15,000 retail outlets distribution, $1.2MM in year one sales.  Developed Quickie Quick Mop with Spic and Span Household Cleaner – first quick cleaning mop with scrubber feature plus branded disinfectant cleaner - $11MM annualized opportunity.  Developed a brand new cleaning tool line exclusively for Target – a major distribution void. Result 25 store test in Q2 ’03, Annualized opportunity - $8MM.4