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The future of affiliate marketing


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Great introduction to taking your Internet marketing business offline. The market is explained, and its huge. This followed by a methods of developing relationships with local business using Social Media marketing, Mobile Marketing and performance based local lead generation. This is an untapped market folks, and this is a great free introduction.

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The future of affiliate marketing

  1. 1. IntroductionWelcome to the future of affiliate marketing! Take it from someone whoknows this industry and is a seven figure earner. The future of affiliatemarketing is not in building websites to promote someone elses products orprograms. There is simply too much competition, which means too muchtime and effort on your part with very little return.The future of internet marketing is in helping local businesses grow theirbusiness. Affiliate marketing is dead, but Internet marketing presentssignificant opportunity. There is virtually no competition in this market, andIm going to show you exactly how to do it. I will show you: 1. Why this market is so huge? 2. How to position yourself in this market? 3. How to identify and target local businesses? 4. What Tools You Need to Succeed?In other words, Im going to show you how to build a very successfulInternet business. 1. Why this Market is so Huge?But, first let me give you some proof on why helping local businessesgrow their business is such a potent market. This is a fantastic successstory. Click on this link and visit This is a huge andsuccessful business that focuses exclusively on helping local businessesgrow their business. works with local businesses and offersthe businesss coupons. The business will honor the coupon if enough peopleare willing to purchase them. leverages their massivememberships to assist local businesses advertise and grow by publishingthese types of coupons. Plus, they use FaceBook and Twitter to spread theword.
  2. 2. Groupon is so huge, that Google offered to buy them for $6 Billion! Theysaid no to this offer! You can read this article at Business Insider to find outwhy: Why Groupon Said No to Google. The article explains that Grouponhas grown immensely in two short years. They now have 40 Millionsubscribers, up from 1.5 Million last year and 400,000 the year prior. Theyemployed 124 people in December 2009. In November 2010 they had 3,100employees. 2. How to Position Yourself in this Market?Let’s face it! This is a huge market; and, not just because Groupon is such ahuge success. Internet industry leaders know they have to reach out andtouch small business. They compete for that potential revenue. Theyunderstand that the future lies in helping small businesses grow theirbusiness.Let me introduce the concept of Cost-Per-Action (CPA). This is where majorcompanies essentially reaching out to Internet marketers to advertise aproduct on a per-cost lead basis. A spin off of CPA is Pay-Per-Call (PPC). Inthis case, the per-cost lead basis is a simple validated phone call-in lead.
  3. 3. PPC is a cost-per-action (CPA) agreement between an affiliate marketer anda merchant. Ring Revenue acts as a major "wholesaler" between affiliatemarketers and merchants, and Ring Revenue contracts with companies likeCommission Junction to reach affiliate marketers or other publishers. Most ofthese merchants offers are national; and these national companiesunderstand and appreciate that affiliate marketers offer a unique anduntapped venue to market their products and services.Here is an example of the national companies that Commission Junctionmanages for Ring Revenue:  Allstate Insurance  Advance Auto Parts  DirecTV  DeVry University  eFax  Life Lock, Inc.So, along comes Pay-Per-Call Local Lead Generation. What is it? In anutshell, it is a Pay-Per-Call system that pays a commission to an Internetmarketer for generating a call-in phone lead to a local versus a nationalbusiness. It offers marketers the opportunity to develop relationships in alocal market with local business owners to generate leads for that business.Pay-Per-Call Local Lead Generation is a unique and exciting opportunity forInternet marketers.Pay-Per-Call Local Lead Generation fills the gapbetween national and local businesses!!There are literally hundreds of businesses in a local market that mightbenefit from these marketing services. In fact, any business that relies oncall-in phone leads to generate a percentage of their sales might beinterested for a number of reasons. Here are some examples of localbusinesses that might be interested in Pay- per- Call Local Lead Generation:  bed and breakfasts  florists  lawyers  dentists  plumbers  fencing contractors
  4. 4.  mortgage brokers  windows installers  real estate agents  home and auto insurance agents  life insurance agents  financial service professionalsMany of these businesses already pay for leads. However, the leads they payfor are a lot different. These leads are purchased in advance. For example,fencing contractors, window installers, real estate agents, insurance agentsand financial services representatives, and mortgage brokers are veryaccustomed to paying for leads.They are collected and built based on specific needs or demographics. Theseleads provide information like name, address, phone number and the servicedesired. The particular business or their employee is then tasked to follow-up on this lead. This follow-up process is often tedious and non-productive.There are several things that can spoil the lead. Time is one.If the lead is old, that person might have already lost interest; or completelyforgotten about their request. Or, the need has already been filled; or thecontact information is erroneous; or the person simply cannot be reached.Purchasing this type of lead places all the risk on the small businessesthat pay for these leads in advance.By comparison, Pay- per- Call Local Lead Generation is designed to producea call-in lead. In sales terms, this is a hot lead. A live person has initiated acall in anticipation of filling their need. An experienced sales representativereceiving this call-in knows how to handle this type of lead.Another major difference between Pay- per- Call Local Lead Generation andthese more traditional lead services is that Pay- per- Call Local LeadGeneration is performance based. With the more traditional lead services, Imentioned that these leads are purchased in advance. With Pay per CallLocal Lead Generation, leads are purchased when a person calls a business.If this hot lead is not produced, the marketer does not get paid.
  5. 5. The sales conversion rates are much higher for a call-in lead. The risk isassumed by the affiliate marketer, not the business owner. Pay- per- CallLocal Lead Generation presents a new opportunity for affiliate marketers.Marketers should look for platforms that meet the basic needs of localbusinesses if they want to venture into this new marketing opportunity.And, at this time, there appears to be very little or no competition for thismarketing service.Furthermore, small business owners might very wellreceive this performance based advertising as somethingthat will significantly increase their return on investmentand have a positive impact on their advertising efforts.And, why wouldnt they? Since this is performance basedadvertising, the marketer assumes the risk, not thebusiness owner.Validating the call is a major challenge. Sponsoring companies want atargeted lead call. In other words, they do not want someone inPennsylvania calling their dental office in California for a dental appointment.That just doesn’t do it.Another challenge is being able to track the origination of the call and theduration of the call. If someone calls a phone number, then hangs up, abusiness owner does not want to pay for this type of lead.Suffice it to say that there are a lot of challenges associated with PPC. Agreat deal of those challenges can be overcome by developing a platformthat focuses on targeting local businesses.
  6. 6. There is a major and brand new platform that I highly recommend. It’s called ACME Phone Leads (APL). APL does all the tracking and back room management for you. The owner of APL is Tissa Godavitarne. Tissa has created a solid product at a very affordable price.Here is an outline of how you can make money with APL. 1. The Business Opportunity. This is the MLM. Just refer people to this business. We will help with the marketing materials. Join the ACME Phone Leads Group on FaceBook to get started! You will need to log-in to FaceBook first, but you will be brought directly to our group. Here is an Example of the Business Opportunity
  7. 7. And, here is the good news! If you were a member of the ACME PhoneLeads Priority Notification List, then there a real good possibility that youalready have a 5-member pre-built downline. And, you only need onetop-level member, or someone that you personally sponsor in thisbusiness, to earn those $5 commissions 5 levels deep. But, it is criticalthat you sign at least one member. And, we will help!2. The Product Opportunity. This is simply awesome.  Promote Local Businesses in Your Area with APL. This is where you negotiate an agreement with a local business to send them phone leads to help them grow their business. In return, you receive a commission for every lead you generate. Your APL back office will register all the calls you generate for this business. You will be able to produce reports to show a business owner. This is easier to do if you live in the US. However, we have many members doing this from overseas as well. Visit the Forum for ideas: ACME PEOPLE SEARCH FORUM. And, ask questions.  Promote the over 200 Businesses that Tissa has already established relationships with. The current count is 220 and this number will grow. The current price structure is up to $50 per lead. There is
  8. 8. no reason why you cant generate 4-5 leads per week. If you do not know how, we will teach you how to do it. These are pre-negotiated leads, and a lot of our overseas members will likely favor this option. Whatever option you choose, this is just a starting point. That is, if you want to really maximize this business. Join Our Team Today: 3. How to Identify and Target Local Businesses?This is the really neat part! Let me introduce this with an overview ofGoogle Places. First of all, Google Places is a great way to advertise yourown business FREE.34 percent of Google searches are for local search or content. This meansthat if someone searches on a keyword that is relevant to your Internethome business, you have the opportunity to have your business come up onthe first page of the search. You have people in your local area that you canmarket to no matter what you are selling.Google now knows where people are searching from. They do not even haveto enter a keyword plus a city or a long tailed keyword string. That meansthat your local listing is optimized for generic keywords. You know, the onesthat are really tough to rank for. For example, “Internet Marketing.”
  9. 9. And, that is exactly what I am showing you below. In this example, I typed“Internet Marketing” into a Google Search box. I did not have to type in along-tail keyword like “find Internet marketing help in White Plains, MD.”That is where I live.The top section of the search page is sponsored or paid advertising. Thesection below that is my local search. The Number 1 Position on Google iseInternet Marketing Services. That is my business. This is totally awesomeand it’s totally free!Google Places is also extremely valuable to youbecause it helps you identify local businesses andtheir needs!
  10. 10. The largest teardrop symbol on Google Places indicates thata business has registered for Google Places and thebusiness has been verified.The small red dots on Google Places indicates unregisteredbusinesses that Google picks up from other sources wherethe business might have registered… Generally speaking, the Google places registered businesses probably already have a website; but, not in all cases. It does tell you that these companies are a bit more sophisticated in their advertising. These businesses represent a great target for the performance based advertising that the ACME Phone Leads platform and you can deliver. By comparison, you might find that the unregistered business might first be in need of a basic website for their business; and would later be a candidate for ACME Phone Leads.
  11. 11. Let’s take a look at another keyword and industry type. This time I’ll do asearch for “plumbers.” Here I pulled up one of the Google Places registered businesses. Notice that you receive their address, phone number and website. This is a great start! Now you have the basic data that you need to contact the business. Next, I pulled up one of the unregistered businesses. We find out that this plumbing company does not have a website; or it is certainly not listed. This is a great opportunity to develop a relationship with this business. You have all the basic data to contact this business.If you have been building and promoting websites, you already have theskills. You understand the basic strategies and techniques to advertise,market and promote your site(s). All you need is to understand how youcan take these same basic skills and apply them to your local business
  12. 12. market. If you do not yet have these skills, it’s actually very easy to do.Youll be amazed at how easy it is and how much you will learn in a shortperiod of time. 4. What Tools You Need to Succeed!Actually, I’m only going to recommend one tool at this time. That’s a websiteor blog. If you want to do this business right, you are going to need yourown website and hosting. With the HostGator “Baby” account you get unlimited hosting. As you business grows, this will prove to be a very valuable business asset. If you pay for three years in advance, you will pay $7.95/month. If you just want to pay monthly, then it will cost $9.95/month. I have used HostGator for quite some time now and simply love it.Customer service is excellent!!Use this coupon code to save $9.94 on your first month hosting:acmephoneleadsBut, the biggest advantage of having your own personal HostGator accountis that you get access to Fantastico Deluxe. With Fantastico De Luxe you get one- step installation for WordPress blog(s). And, WordPress is the premier blogging software availabletoday.
  13. 13. In summary, this is an exciting new business opportunity. It provides you aplatform to start building relationships with local business owners. Thesebusiness owners are literally starved for new business. You have the abilityto start driving hot leads to hundreds of businesses in your area.Or, you can choose from the over 220 pre-negotiated offers that are alreadyavailable to you. And, while I mentioned the MLM business opportunity I didnot cover how this will work. I’ll save that for a later edition.Local businesses are anxious to take advantage of this performance basedmethod of advertising their business.This is just the beginning of a more extensive training program on ACMEPhone Leads.We will be conducting regular webcasts in 2011. If you want to stay current,I highly recommend you sign-up for my e-mail notifications on webcasttopics and dates.Regards,Rick SamaraJoin me on Facebook: ID: rick.samara…More Coming Your Way in Part II Part II: Building Relationships with Local Businesses 1. How to Generate Consistent Residual Income 2. How to Build Relationships with Local Businesses 3. How to Maintain and Strengthen those Relationships