The ACME People Search Business Release New Pay-Per-Call Platform


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Previously tested by and only available to ACME People Search Lifetime Members, this new pay-per-call platform is now available to all Internet/affiliate marketers. This is Performance Based Advertising that will provide small a large businesses a new advertising experience that will help them zero in on their return on investment.

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The ACME People Search Business Release New Pay-Per-Call Platform

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution The ACME People Search Business Releases New Pay-Per-Call Platform By Rick Samara Dated: Jul 20, 2010 The ACME People Search Business has releasd its Pay-Per-Call Platform to all Internet marketers. Previously released exclusively to ACME People Search affiliates, it is now open to everyone! The ACME People Search Business Pay-Per-Call (PPC) platform will officially open to all Internet marketers this weekend (16-17 July, 2010). Previously introduced to only lifetime members of the ACME People Search Business, this a totally new platform that is easy to understand and easy to implement. In a nutshell, this is local advertising or a system that allows Internet marketers to market their services in their local community or do it on a regional or national level in the future. However, since pay-per-call is largely a function of having a US based phone number, it is a lot easier for Internet marketers located in the US to market locally. This type of marketing lends itself to free traditional offline advertising methods like simply placing an ad on a community bulletin board or a bulletin board that can be found in any grocery store or local business merchant (dry cleaners, pizza shops, etc.) There are three major advantages to this local or offline advertising. First of all, it gives aspiring Internet marketers yet another method to make money; in other words, offline. This is particularly true for those that are still struggling with trying to market using Search Engine Optimization or perhaps paid advertising. Secondly, this is performance based advertising. The system sells itself. It simply delivers leads to a merchant at a pre-negotiated price. Identify a business that relies on leads to generate business (real estate, insurance, car dealerships, etc.) and you have a potential client. And, third, there is absolutely no competition in this type of marketing vertical because of the unique tracking system that is built into the platform. Currently, this ACME People Search Business PPC platform has the ability to advertise 90 percent of the homes for sale in the United States. Tissa Godavitarne, the owner of the ACME People Search Business, has effectively negotiated this huge offer list with national real estate companies so international ACME People Search Business owners have offers that they can market using traditional Internet marketing techniques (blogs, article marketing, video marketing, etc.) This PPC platform is based on assigned phone numbers that ring locally in real estate offices in Northern Virginia. These are assigned using shared zip codes. International Internet marketers are highly advised to use these shared zip codes. There is no other affiliate network or CPA (Cost Per Action) network that offers anything like this. Commissions have already been negotiated, and the back office structure allows marketers to track each and every call that they are responsible for referring to these local real estate offices. They can see commissions posted as earned on a real time basis. Even more importantly, they can print reports to show the effectiveness of their advertising to show their clients. This enables the client/merchant to actually see the return on investment on their advertising dollar. This is a cutting edge marketing strategy that can be used online, offline or a combination of both. This ACME People Search Business PPC platform is unlike anything available today and will continue to develop other offers for interested affiliates. It offers merchants new and accurate methods of tracking their advertising dollar, and it offers affiliate marketers another great way to build their business. And, interested marketers do not have belong to the ACME People Search Business to use this powerful platform. Find More Information at: http// Page 1/2
  2. 2. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution ### EInternet Marketing Services is a company that specialized in all methods of Internet marketing in support of Internet marketers and small business owners that seek assistance on establishing an Internet marketing presence. Category Internet, Marketing, Home business Tags acme people search, pay per call, offline advertising, offline marketing Email Click to email author City/Town White Plains State/Province Maryland Zip 20695 Country United States Page 2/2