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How To Create A Stable Website Foundation


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The teachings are on how to create a stable website foundation. This is information that allows people to have different solutions for different people. The teachings are on how to create a stable website foundation.

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How To Create A Stable Website Foundation

  1. 1. Hi, Rick Salas here and today I want to share some information on this post which is probably some of the most important things to get done before you can have an effective and stable website for an information business. I’ll dig as deep as I can on this post about website stability. Some posts on this subject will be here and other posts will be on different sources of traffic, so bookmark my blog because there is much more in this subject. But I have to go deep into something like this or you’ll miss out on crucial information. Right now I’m going to get into the direction you might want to go, what to focus on and a few things to think about when creating a stable business. Have a Stable Website Direction If everybody would want to get results for people and live out a purpose with passion they would have steady business growth. In business, people should have a direction and purpose instead of just wanting to make money. When people just want to make money they don’t try as hard and have to change their game plan every few months. The same goes with websites. internet marketers have to choose which path to take. I hate to be this blunt but that’s what people pay me for so I’m going to say a few things here on this post that most are not willing to say. I don’t want to just sell you another product. I want to mention things that could be holding you back from having website stability.
  2. 2. First of all, I want to talk a little about information marketing. We all want deliver information effectively to be able to market to people. Doesn’t matter what we offer or sell people. As long if we know it’s a profitable niche and continue learning in that niche. People are learning that the best way to build a business is to get people to know you and learn what you are all about. But in doing that we can sometimes hold clients back from getting long term results because we don’t have a website that shows our expertise or knowledge level in helping certain people on the internet. All components of a website need to be in place and there can be no weak link. What Allows a Website Should Focuses On To Have Long Term Stability I believe that website that focuses on helping people in a niche that are looking for free and paid learning and willing to do the work that is needed is what it should focus on. Not an MLM company or affiliate company. Now a side business that has tools and resources that makes and saves money for you or an affiliate business can generate profits but in my opinion it should not be the focus. I believe an affiliate business is great for targeted leads but not as a business. I believe it can be part of a business though. Just not focus on it. A stable website should be to build relationships through expert level product creation. To get results for other people in a niche
  3. 3. and selling our products to other people instead of selling other peoples products to other people. Things to Think About But to have long term website success I really believe that we should be not only promoting our expertise and knowledge on our website. W we have to have a website that allows us to have our own credibility. Some things we can outsource but certain things we should not in my opinion like content, although some outsourcing can be done if you just want to drive some traffic which is ok, consultations, online communication for traffic, products, ebooks, mp3s, everything that can give people the impression we have a certain level of expertise should be our own. Or at least some knowledge. More than most. And if we are not an expert, I really believe that people have to at least see you as somebody that is moving forward and moving towards the level of expertise that people need to not only have a solid website but have a solid business that can adapt to anything. Otherwise we change with the winds chasing money and changing businesses. I’m still working on my website but it’s a continuing process. It goes on forever so changing up components when the market needs them. But, for me, I don’t like a lot of graphics because It attracts the wrong people. I enjoy working with people that are attracted to top
  4. 4. solutions. They are the best clients in my opinion. You may have a different view and have success having a lot of graphics in a niche but in my opinion, for me anyway, long term results with a stable website there has to be content that gets results for repeat business. You can spend valuable time on the fancy stuff and add it anytime . Business that has a value for people and that attract people who overlook what isn’t important gets higher conversions. In order to have that value and help all the people in that niche all components have to be in place. Some of the components should be traffic that works for you, building relationships that matter, communitating to those people through the correct engagement process that gets people to respond are some components that allow people to have a stable website business. I’ll dig into some of the in my next post and other locations. Hope you enjoyed the post! Rick Salas