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Last Semester

  1. 1. Howwasthislastsemester?<br />Ricardo Juárez Torreblanca<br />EnglishSubject<br />Teacher: Nora GuzmanPelagio<br />3°B N.L: 11<br />
  2. 2. First of all<br />The previous semester was very helpful for us, because we began to know more about the blog and we got used to it. That was something new for us because we haven´t worked with it before but of course It was something really interesting and curious to know how it would be.<br />The teacher told us some instructions in order to know the operation of the blog. First we began with simple things but later he had to post stuff like images that can be brochures, magazines; but it was kind of funny.<br />The three periods were based more than anything on the interdisciplinary project, by the way this project was based on the soup; for example on its elaboration, advertising and topics about it.<br />So it is time for you to see about it.<br />
  3. 3. FirstPeriod<br />The first period the teacher explained us how it was going to be the interdisciplinary project, how did it concern to English and how we would work, as always we clearly understand. The first activities of the period were to post a video about a song, and also make some diagrams about the movies we saw, “Pay it Forward”. <br />Moreover we began with the soup elaboration in chemistry, so we had to post the brochures, the logo and the poster in the blog.<br />
  4. 4. SecondPeriod<br />The second period was also based on the soup but we also took another topics.<br />We prepared a presentation about slow meal and mentioned all the differences and similarities between the fast and slow food. We also made a summary of the same topic and presented it in the library in front of the class.<br />About the soap and its elaboration we talked about how it was going to be the presentation to the public, that in this case were our parents and the teacher chose the teams that would present all the stuff in front of the school.<br />For the English subject the teams showed a little power point presentation where we explained how our company worked, the different presentations of our soup, its benefits and the place where we sold it.<br />Moreover we mentioned how all the subjects helped us to produce, to share and to organize its sale.<br />
  5. 5.
  6. 6. ThirdPeriod<br />Finally the last period was about presenting this interdisciplinary project in front of parents, teachers, coordinators and other members of the school.<br />The third grade began with their project, all the stands were really organized and there were many of them. <br />Every team had soups, brochures and many things to give to the people, also there was a computer program that can show the prices of the different soups. <br />Also there were many candies and things to eat that the stands were giving in order to attract attention.<br />Finally I think it was a success because every person that visited the stands were satisfied with all the information given, there were no complain and the teachers were happy about the students work.<br />
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Conclusion<br />This semester was really funny, interesting and all the positive things you can imagine because we learned a lot of the blog, and other subjects. Also we worked and spend time together, and had a lot of fun.<br />This interdisciplinary was really useful because it prepared us for the university because we created like a company and I´m sure this will be very useful for us in a future.<br />