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  1. 1. Growth”It  wasn’t  raining  when  Noah  built  the  ark.”  —  Howard  Ruff  
  2. 2. Student Enrollment1999–2011 actual student blended count. 2012–2015, Stanfred Associates conservative estimate.
  3. 3. Facilities  “Even  if  you’re  on  the  right  track,  you’ll  get  run  over  if  you  just  sit  there.”  —  Will  Rogers    
  4. 4. This is about our kids!  “People  who  are  crazy  enough  to  think  they  can   change  the  world,  are  the  ones  who  do.”  —   Apple  Computers  
  5. 5. “I’ve  missed  more  than  9,000   shots  in  my  career.  I’ve  lost   almost  300  games.  26  Omes,   I’ve  been  trusted  to  take  the  game  winning  shot  and  missed.   I’ve  failed  over  and  over  and   over  again  in  my  life.  And  that   is  why  I  succeed.”  —  Michael   Jordan   Early grades, larger classes … Next year: high school all grades above 30
  6. 6. The longest school ”Whether  you  think  you  can  or  think  you  can’t,   you’re  right.”  —  Henry  Ford  
  7. 7. How did we get here?“The  difference  between  ordinary  and  extraordinary  is  that  liUle  extra.”  —  Jimmy  Johnson  
  8. 8. November 8“The  best  way  to  predict  the  future  is  to  create  it.”  —  Abraham  Lincoln  
  9. 9. an  iPod  story  
  10. 10. “Twenty  years  from  now  you  will  be  more  disappointed  by  the  things  that  you  didn’t  do  than  by  the  ones  you  did  do.  So  throw  off  the  bowlines.  Sail  away  from  the  safe  harbor.  Catch  the  trade  winds  in  your  sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.”  —  Mark  Twain  
  11. 11. What does this cost? RJ Naughton, a senior associate at Stauder Barch & Associates, afinancial firm, explains that the bond amount of $6,735,000 will fund aproject amount of $6,300,000 million, bond issuance costs, as well ascapitalized interest. Capitalized interest is needed to cover the firstbond payment on November 1 since that occurs before the firstpossible debt levy on December 1. The interest on the bonds will be determined when the bonds arepriced. There will be a fixed interest rate on the bonds and an additionalvariable interest rate on the School Bond Loan Fund loan. The SBLFinterest cost depends on future Taxable Value and actual SBLF interestrate. Currently the interest rate on a 30 year bond is approximately5.15% and the interest rate on the SBLF loan is approximately 5%. Forprojection purposes, we estimated a 5.75% rate on the bonds and a 5%rate for the SBLF loan. The bond term is just under 30 years. The number of years at thehighest millage of 7.85 mills depends on future Taxable Value. Millagewill be levied throughout the bond term and it is possible that thehighest millage will levied for less than the bond term.
  12. 12.  “The  only  thing  worse  than   being  blind  is  having  sight   but  no  vision.”     —  Helen  Keller   $6,735,0002.35 mil increase29 years, 3 months
  13. 13. Building aStrongerCommunity “If  not  us,  who?  If  not   now,  when?”     —  John  F.  Kennedy  
  14. 14. Facility  Improvement  Team  Michael  R.  Barley    Lewis  Chalker  David  L.  Chryst,  Co–Chair     The  Facility  Improvement  Team  Dennis  Kuhn     met  several  Omes  from  April  to  Pat  Kuhn     June   to   formulate   a   plan   to  Todd  Kulawiak     recommend   to   the   Board   of  Réne  LaFreniere     EducaOon.   The   team   had   14  Jennifer  Marlow,  Co–Chair  Nicole  Miller     regular   members,   though  Chris  Nuckels     others   did   aUend   some   of   the  Ray  Pahl     meeOngs.    Bob  Sommerville,  AAI,  Inc.  Rob  Train,  Granger  ConstrucOon  Co.  Jason  VanBrocklin    
  15. 15. Thank You