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Engaging employees through social media iabc fall conference 2010


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Engaging employees through social media iabc fall conference 2010

  1. 1. Internal Communities
  2. 2. Social Media can be used internally in addition to externally • Similar, manageable tools available • Some tools cross both usage scenarios • Can focus on company, department, or team Enhance communication Share knowledge Create better integrated teams Enhance the sense of common purpose
  3. 3. They are people first, employees second Employee base is a unique community itself Made up of multiple interests, skills & specialties Most people like to share, and are looking for ways to demonstrate their abilities (their value) Many people have hidden talents & skills
  4. 4. Listen to employees as we would listen to customers Empower employees with information, communication tools, and easy access to answers Company blogs are a great way to start A culture of communication needs to be demonstrated from the top down Everyone needs to be included
  5. 5. Employees are some of the most knowledgeable about product/brand Already engaged to make the company succeed With training, employee evangelists are a great brand resource Most already are or want to be – make it easy for them to tell your story!
  6. 6. Empowered and knowledgeable employees are engaged & more creative Access to external social networks and services today is part of our culture Simplifying access for employees will decrease the amount of personal time spent using these services Existing policies cover most use case scenarios
  7. 7. Look to open source, but respect the IT department’s expertise Blogs are the easiest and simplest way to start and get results LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, are great but… Organization needs to invest in managed tools that allow social communication to occur naturally
  8. 8. Microsoft SharePoint Yammer ( SocialText ( WordPress (
  9. 9. Social Media Strategist & Consultant • • • •