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The selection is to choose the right man for the right pla...
g) general skills tests
4 .- The consultants,usually in pairs,observeand record the behaviorof applicantssituational
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Standard procedure for selecting hospitality industry employees 2


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Standard procedure for selecting hospitality industry employees 2

  1. 1. STANDARD PROCEDURE FOR SELECTING HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY EMPLOYEES The selection is to choose the right man for the right place. In other words, the selection of candidates seeking the most suitable recruits for the posts existing in the company, with the intention of maintaining or increasing the efficiency and staff performance and efficiency of the organization and selection seeks to solve two basic problems: 1. Suitability of person to work. 2. Efficiency and effectiveness of the person in office. Selection as a process of comparison The selection is a process of comparison between two variables. On the one hand the requirements of the vacancy (the requirements under the post to anyone who performs and the characteristics of the candidates presented. Standard of comparison is always a model containing the specifications and measures required of the provider The selection of appropriate a person is the responsibility of managers or heads and staff who are usually the people in charge of the selection. The personal decision to support 3 models of behavior: • Model fitting: not included the category of rejection. (A candidate for a vacancy) • Model selection: many candidates and a single vacancy • Model Classification: more candidates for each vacancy and a number of vacancies for each candidate. Evaluation procedure 1 .- a small group of applicants reaches the assessment center 2.-the assessment center has six to eight evaluators around, some of whom are trained psychologists, while others are managers of at least two levels higher than those of individuals who are assessed, who in turn have trained as counselors. 3 .- for two or four days, candidates are asked to participate in exercises such as: a) interview b) exercise "real", in which solve everyday problems that managers encounter in their agendas c) case exercises d) leaderless group discussion e) business games f) personality tests
  2. 2. g) general skills tests 4 .- The consultants,usually in pairs,observeand record the behaviorof applicantssituational problems,bothin groupsand individually .A clinical psychologist summarizes the personality tests. 5 .- Each candidate is evaluated on a set of 20 to 25 features (such as organization and planning, decision making, creativity, stress resistance and oral communication skills.) 6 .- It develops a view on the potential of the applicant to meet the requirements of the job. SUMMARY 1.-The selection tools provide managers with information that will help predict whether an applicant will or will not succeed as a worker. 2 .- The employment application form is effective in rigorous collection of biographical data, which in the last instance can be verified. 3 .- The weighted job applications are useful statistical techniques that can determine r the link between certain relevant information and the prediction of success in the workplace. 4 .- The simulation tests l performance require applicant to undergo specific behaviors that have been shown to relate to the job. Modeling work and assessment centers, which are simulations of the performance. They are well received by its effectiveness in the prediction. 5 .- assessment centers are a type of simulation test performance. Are carried out for several days. During which an observer group that studies how individuals manage or react to different work situations. 6 .- Graphology is the analysis of the writing. Its validity is questionable 7.-interviews often achieve lower grades in their reliability and validity. However, these are more the result of problems the interviewer that the interview itself. The validity of the interviewcan be stimulated through theuseof a structured process. 8 .- for an interview is conducted properly should follow the following: 1 .- Detailed information on the job for which you are interviewing applicants. 2 .- structure the interview so that follow a predetermined process. 3.-check the job application and curriculum vitae of the candidate. 4.-assertiveness to the applicant. 5.-ask them the questions you have formulated 6 .- end of the interview 7 .- fill out an evaluation form post-interview. 9 .- realistic presentation of the work pu3wtos reduce staff turnover to provide applicants with favorable and unfavorable information about the job. 10.-the background checks are valuable when checking the undeniable facts and rigorous job application, however, tend to offer very little practical value as a predictive tool selection.