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Whether building up your own blog audience or guest posting this slideshow features lots of cool take-away tips that you can easily implement today. Learn how to find blogging inspiration, promoting your posts for maximum exposure, landing the best guest blog spots and more.

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[Steal These] Super Blogging Tips

  1. 1. Making Good Blogs, Great. Awesome, actionable tips to make your blog posts more sharable, likable, linkable and memorable. Contents: 1. Topic Inspiration 2. Anatomy of an Awesome Post 3. Promoting your Blog 4. Assessing Guest Blog Opportunities 5. Guest Blogging Bargaining Chips 6. #ProTips
  2. 2. Why? Whether writing blogs for yourself or as guest content for links, creating masterpieces are worth the extra effort... • Future-proof (unaffected by search engine updates) • More engagement, comments, links and shares • Improve brand/author credibility & reputation • Justification to exist (content is created for a purpose, not just adding to the noise) • More interest from outreach to blog owners [guest blogging]
  3. 3. Topic Inspiration for Blogs Deciding what to talk about is hard. Use the following resources to find inspiration... • Twitter (and Topsy.com) – search #hashtags, monitor thought leader/influencer posts, trending topics • Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, Quora and industry forums • YouTube • Google Trends & News – Jump on time-sensitive topics and try and pre-empt growing areas of interest • Competitor Blogs – Which posts get the most engagement? • WordTracker’s Keyword Question Tool • Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  4. 4. Other Blog Ideas • Solve a common question, problem or error that people often ask about • Create a “one stop shop” list of resources for a specific topic • Write a well-reasoned (or controversial) counter-argument to a popular article or blog
  5. 5. Other Blog Ideas (Cont.) • Take a difficult or hard-to-grasp topic and make it simple • Review a new product, tool, service, etc... • Interview someone (influential people, a business owner, peers etc...) • Make a prediction – Where is your industry going? What will your world be like in 2 years time?
  6. 6. Anatomy of a Memorable Blog Post Today, people are scanners, not readers. Instantly engage them with rich content instead of paragraphs of text... • Intriguing editorial title, opening paragraph and sub- headings • Captivating image(s) • Multimedia content (videos, graphs, slideshows, galleries, embedded sound clips etc.) • Clear, readable formatting • Summary of take-aways
  7. 7. Think About... • “Click to Tweet” links on key take-aways • Call-to-action on share buttons • Expose other related content and relevant articles • Disabling comments in favour of sending readers to discuss on your social media profiles • Connecting your author profile to your Google+ profile for rich snippets
  8. 8. Promoting Your Blog Posts Exposing your new content is arguably as important as creating it. Consider the following promotion tactics for new posts... • Post your latest articles on your social media networks • Answer relevant open questions on forums and link to your article • Comment on other related blogs and link to your article • Bookmark within relevant categories on StumbleUpon, Reddit, Technorati etc. • Send to your mailing list or include a link within newsletters
  9. 9. Promoting Your Blog Posts Continued... • Add a link in your email signature • Alert real-world contacts such as friends, co-workers, suppliers etc (online and offline) • Outreach to thought leaders and influencers in your niche • Consider paid advertising • Utilise share buttons with a compelling call-to-action • Ask for a link within your content • Create the HTML for readers to copy+paste into their own sites (Tynt automatically adds your URL when readers copy+paste excerpts of your content)
  10. 10. Assessing Guest Blog Opportunities Just because a blog looks good, doesn’t mean it will benefit your link profile or build brand awareness. Look a little deeper... • Audience engagement – Do previous posts attract comments? How frequent? How legitimate? • Social engagement – Does the blog owner have a solid and outspoken following? Are they an influencer in their niche? • Quality of existing content – Is the blog owner proud of their blog? Do they accept any old rubbish? • How do page authority and back link profiles of a sample of historic posts look?
  11. 11. Assessing Guest Blog Opportunities Continued... • Ownership – Does the blog owner internally link to guest blogs in their content? Do they share posts on their social media profiles? • Owner credibility – Do they have a positive reputation in the industry? – Do they consistently write for anyone else? – What social media platforms are they active on? – Do they have a clear passion for their blog/niche?
  12. 12. Bargaining Chips Bloggers may try to charge you to guest post. Here’s what you can do to sweeten the deal without handing over cash... • Submit pre-written meta data (remove any extra work) • Offer to promote & share their blog on your social media channels • Offer to reciprocate a guest blog opportunity • Offer to write a second blog on their chosen topic • Offer exclusive content (or free sample products) [#Tip: Avoid bloggers who charge – they often care more about the money than quality of content and accept rubbish]
  13. 13. #ProTips Visit rickeliason.com/blogging for more tips on optimising and promoting your blog like these... 1. Use more than one resource for your research – don’t simply regurgitate what is already out there 2. If you embed videos in your blog be sure to upload a XML video sitemap to get rich snippets 3. When guest blogging, link to previous posts the owner has written within your blog where relevant – flatter them 4. Links posted on Google+ get instantly crawled – do this for guest blogs to get your content indexed quickly
  14. 14. If you take nothing else away, please follow these guys! When it comes to blogging, these guys know their sh*t. Here are some of my personal favourites who I know you will love! 1. Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) 2. Heidi Cohen (@heidicohen) 3. Kristi Hines (@kikolani)
  15. 15. Lastly... Please follow me on SlideShare. This is just the beginning, there is lots more to come... Feedback is always welcome 