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Newsletter October


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Improve Organizational
Efficiency in Your Workplace, Why Document Management? Why Now?

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Newsletter October

  1. 1. October 2012Your Email Signature Can Help Drive YourBusinessIs your email signature up to par? Here are a few things to consider to transformyour email signature from blasé to brilliant: Size matters - Keep your signature short and sweet. Too much information will turnoff the reader or just be ignored, so it should be limited to four lines or less. October 2012The bare essentials - Your email signature should include your name, title,company name, email address, website, and your phone number (the best way toreach you). You can also add your company’s logo (keep it small) and a brief tagline Improve Organizationalexplaining what your business is about.Don’t bother with - You waste space by including unnecessary details. Inspirational Efficiency in Your Workplacethoughts or quotes might not be appropriate for your professional email account, soleave those out too. Register for our technology event!Make the most of it – Use your email signature to include a link to your corporate Date: Thursday, October 18thbrochure, or your product catalogue. Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Location: Stargel Office Solutions 4700 Blalock Road, Houston, TX 77041 Money-Saving Tips for Your Business • Go green and save some green when you reduce electricity costs and other expenses. Or email to RSVP. • Embrace the DIY trend! Invest in learning skills such as HTML code or graphic design so you can do more things in- Looking for ways to organize business documents and increase house. efficiency in the workplace? Come learn how Stargel Office Solutions software solutions and managed • Save money with open­source software instead of network services will benefit your office. This open house event will focus on commercial products, and by utilizing sites like simple solutions that improve your business processes and allow your organization to be more productive and for freeware and limited versions of profitable. business software. Appetizers,beer, and wine provided. (Guests must be 21 or older to attend) • Hire interns to perform certain roles, saving salary whileMobile Printing: What’s All the providing them with valuable work experience. Attend for your chance to WIN amazing door prizesBuzz About? • Negotiate with your vendors for better prices. Sometimes Mini-sessions will include demonstrations of the following office solutions: you can get better rates for bulk business or get a discount Toshiba RE­RITE • Drivve Image • Adobe LeanPrint • DocuWare • Managed Network ServicesWe work in a global economy, and many people are if you give them a referral.constantly on the move – travelling for business or on Space is Limited…Register Now!vacation – but still in need of access to their information.Laptops, smartphones, and tablets facilitated themobilization of offices; now cloud computing is enablingpeople to not only stay in contact but to do their job fromalmost anywhere, by providing access to their files andinformation, even when they’re nowhere near their desk. When you upload and store your data in the cloud, it canbe accessed remotely— at the airport, a hotel room,another office, or even in a meeting at a client’s facility.But what happens when you need to print your documentswhile you’re out of the office? Mobile printing provides you with access to not only yourelectronic files, but to actual hard or paper copies, as well.With on-demand, mobile printing you can print any type offile from many remote locations. Being away from theoffice no longer means being away from a printer.This convenience empowers you to freely and successfullywork independent of/from your office, and that’s whythere’s such a buzz about mobile printing. Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382
  2. 2. October 2012 October 2012Why Document Management? Why Now? Paper vs. Digital Documents: What You Should Know about Document ImagingIn today’s fast­paced business environment, we all have to wear multiple hats toremain competitive in this challenging economy. We believe that efficiency and By converting your hard-copy documents into electronic files, you can turnorganization will help your company grow and succeed beyond your expectations. information on paper into valuable digital data. Document imaging utilizes scanners to convert paper documents into electronic, searchable files with the use of OpticalIf you have not yet attended our DocuWare Live Webinar, we invite you to join us on Character Recognition (OCR). Once converted, your data can easily beOctober 23rd for our next document management Webinar. indexed, identified, accessed, and managed electronically.Watch this short video to learn more and register. Digitizing documents will allow you to reduce the paper clutter in your office, as well as the amount of time previously spent prepping and handling those documents. You’ll also benefit from improved collaboration and decreased storage costs.  When you prioritize document imaging as a critical business process, you’ll quickly realize all of the benefits that come with this practical solution. Compared to paper documents, digital documents are also: • Less expensive to store  • Less expensive to transport and distribute  • Easier to locate  • More search friendly  Hot Products STAR-Q Cloud Managed Services - Desktop Virtualization STAR-Q is a hosted desktop solution that will enable your business to leverage the most powerful and scalable cloud technology available in the market today. STAR-Q allows organizations to work anytime, Expressway Transport Is On the anywhere without requiring high-powered, over-pricedThe 4 C’s of Enterprise Content Road to Success with DocuWare hardware. In addition, your business will not be affected should you experience a disaster or datacenter failure.Management Requirements: Expressway Transport, a general STAR-Q represents the latest in Computing-as-a-ServiceCompliance - Failing to comply with any of the growing commodities carrier, wanted to implement a document (CaaS), offering a viable and cost effective way to support DocuWare ACTIVE IMPORT management system to decrease the time and cost to your remote and desktop users. Cloud service has distinctnumber of government regulations many businesses must process shipments from dispatch to invoice. They invested characteristics that differentiate it from traditional Storing E-mail & Files: Automatic - Simpleadhere to can prove extremely costly. Enterprise Content in DocuWare to create a central electronic document Desktop/Laptop Internal Support or External HostingManagement (ECM) will help ensure that your sensitive repository that included automatic indexing with OCR Services: DocuWare ACTIVE IMPORT is an add-on module to thecontent has been captured, stored, managed, andeventually disposed of in accordance with compliance (Optical Character Recognition) and barcodes, electronic baskets for efficient movement of documents between StarConnect basic DocuWare software package.requirements. departments, and integration with Varipro Systems for Proactive IT Services quick and easy access of documents. ACTIVE IMPORTs main tasks are to monitor certainCollaboration - ECM improves collaboration betweenemployees and departments by aligning and integrating StarConnect folders or subdirectories on your PC or in your email Solution: With DocuWare and a Savin MFP, the dispatchyour staff, processes, and information. Content is received, request begins and ends in electronic form. Faxes are now program, import incoming files and objects intodistributed, and accessed digitally, making it available captured electronically, email is moved into DocuWare With our full portfolio of DocuWare, and to store them automatically.immediately, and preventing it from being misfiled,duplicated, lost, or mismanaged. seamlessly, and any other paper documents are scanned offerings, Star and appended to the file with just a few clicks. The order is still generated from Varipro Systems in paper form but it Managed Services can Documents that are, for example, created by scanningCost Control - By organizing your information moreefficiently, you will improve how this content is retrieved, includes a special barcode that references the order tailor a set of solutions on digital copiers are placed in appropriate network number in the database. The barcode enables informationprocessed, and used, which will lead to enhancements in to be extracted from the documents and automatically to meet your specific needs. We can directories monitored by ACTIVE IMPORT, which thenthe processes you rely on. entered into DocuWare. Authorized users can now search complement your current IT staff; enabling transfers the documents to DocuWare. This means the files using customized indexing data points. The invoiceContinuity - ECM creates central repositories for all of is then generated and emailed to the customer, while a them to focus on business-specific needs. that the flood of e-mail you receive can beyour content separate from those used for transactions, copy is electronically stored in DocuWare. Using automatically stored just as easily as scannedidentifying business-critical information to serve as a Or, we can manage your entire IT DocuWare, Expressway has eliminated 40+ hours per documents.safeguard and aid in the hasty restoration of your month of manual filing and reduced the time to process infrastructure; physical or virtual.information. shipments. Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382 Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382