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July Newsletter

  1. 1. July 2012Get the Most Out of Your Inks and TonersLet’s face it – the cost of constantly replacing ink and toner cartridges can have asignificant impact on your bottom line. However, there are steps you can take to cutdown on the number of print cartridges your office uses.Print in draft mode: Unless you are printing the final version of a document forpresentation, print in draft-mode. This will reduce the amount of ink used for a job. July 2012Stay away from large and bold fonts: Using smaller fonts, like Arial and NewCourier, and reducing the amount of bolded text can prevent you from wasting inkand printing too many pages. Choosing the Right MFP for Your Office The multi-function printer, or MFP, has become an extremely valuable piece ofKeep on Printing: Ignore “out of ink” warnings from your printer and just keep on equipment in the modern office. This versatile device eliminates the need forprinting. You’d be surprised by how much ink is still in there.  standalone printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines, saving you space and money while benefiting the environment, as well.Find Your MPS Solution: With the right Managed Print Services (MPS) solution,your business will not only optimize its entire print fleet while lowering overall Once you’ve decided to opt for an MFP (or replace your existing unit), the next stepprinting cost, but you’ll also save big on inks and toners when all of your output is to find the right machine for your organization. However, with so many choicesdevices are properly managed and maintained. out there, this decision can appear complicated — of all the machines available, which one is best-suited to handle your specific needs? Time for Transparency Selecting the right MFP is important to ensure that you end up with a machine that will meet your business needs, keep up with your workload, and prevent you from Transparency in business is something we don’t see often overspending on a unit. So how can you be sure to choose the right MFP for your enough, and it’s really about just being open, honest, and office? Here are some things to consider: accountable. Here are some tips to help your company become more transparent: Define Your Needs – Take the time to go over your requirements and determine what you’ll need from an MFP. What will you be using it for, and how often? Will you • Be honest. Honesty is at the heart of transparency, and be working with black and white or color documents? Which is more important to it really comes down to telling the truth—even when you you, the speed and quantity, or the quality of your prints and scans? Which don’t want to.  features, bells, and whistles will be beneficial or necessary to your operation? • Be timely. Because we live in a world that’s connected Evaluate Initial Investment vs. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Consider not only the initial cost of an MFP but the 24/7, it’s important not to waste too much time when it cost of supplies and maintenance over the lifetime of the unit. What may seem like a bargain up front can end up costing comes to communicating with your customers or you much more over the long run. Also, consider asking your office equipment provider if leasing an MFP might be more commenting on company issues. cost effective, since sometimes lease agreements include regular service and some supplies.Protecting Your Mobile Devices • Accept criticism. Use message boards to let customers Learn Your Specs – MFP specifications can seem like a foreign language (DPI, RAM, PPM, etc.). Get to know what these industry specs mean, and what they mean to you. An impressive DPI (dots­per­inch) won’t be a requirement for you iffrom Hackers (and employees) sound off about problems in your your office will only be scanning documents and forms. company. You will get more valuable feedback—bothMobile device security is essential to any business in order positive and negative—than you expected, and you’ll be armed with the right information to make good decisions. Demand Compatibility – Determine which operating systems are used by your staff and select an MFP that will beto mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to your sensitive compatible. And it is essential you choose a machine that will easily integrate into your existing network.information. Here are some practices to help ensure thesecurity of mobile devices within your company: Seek Expert Advice – If you’re still not sure which MFP is right for your office, ask your local office equipment provider to help you make a good choice. They truly know it all when it comes to these machines, and can also support you withEducate your staff – Address the security risks local, reliable service after your MFP is in place.associated with mobile devices and the potential impactthey could have for your company, and instruct your staff Contact us today, and let us help you choose the right MFP for your business.how to activate the built-in security features on mobiledevices. Train them on how to recognize fraudulent apps,which security experts say present the greatest malwaredanger to mobile devices.Encrypt your data – Installing an encryption solution onmobile devices will help protect your data in the event adevice is lost or stolen. There is no shortage of software onthe market these days that will help keep your sensitivedata out of unauthorized hands.Watch out with WiFi – Using an unsecure WiFi networkenables others to access whatever you transmit or send.Use only secure WiFi networks, and never transmitsensitive information over public WiFi. www.stargel.com Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382
  2. 2. July 2012 July 2012Advantage Credit, Inc. Benefits from a Remote Motivate Your Employees throughWorkforce Thanks to DocuWare Rewards and RecognitionRequirements: Advantage Credit, Inc., (ACI) provides credit-reporting services to How can you create a more positive environment in your organization throughmortgage lenders, brokers, banks, home equity lenders, and others in the mortgage rewards and recognition, and improve efficiency in the process?industry. They knew that offering their employees more flexibility would help controlturnover. They initially started looking for a phone enhancement system, but given Recognition ­ Two of the most under­utilized words in an office are “thank you.”the large amount of paper files and records that each employee needed to have And those two syllables are the easiest and most cost-effective way to successfullyaccess to, they knew they needed a document management solution as well; one recognize your staff. A simple “thank you” to acknowledge their efforts and ideascapable of taking paper forms and faxes, and converting them to a digital format can go a long way toward showing people they are appreciated.that could be reviewed, edited and faxed, or emailed back to their customers. Rewards - A system of perks to reward outstanding achievements and above-Solution: With the help of an Authorized DocuWare Partner, ACI was able to average effort within your company is a great way to inspire employees. Suggestedtransform itself into a remote business by implementing a Toshiba multi-function honors include:copier to capture information and DocuWare to manage and store the digitaldocuments. The company also worked with a third–party telecommunications partner • Preferred parking spaces in the shade or close to the buildingto provide a fax/phone solution. ACI was recreated as a remote business, just as • Gift cards they had envisioned it. "Employees are happy now, they can do their job more • Team lunches effectively and they don’t want to leave, and that’s a huge benefit," said Don Unger, • Extra vacation daysPresident of ACI. Hot Products Product Not Available Please add a product Efficient Property ManagementGive Your Business a Boost with Made Possible by DocuWareDocument Management Requirements: Maryland Management needed a moreHow can you boost your business without breaking the efficient method for storing and transferring tenant DocuWare 5 Electronic Document applications and leases for processing by the corporatebank? A document management system can help your office. The company had an electronic document Managementbusiness run like a well-oiled machine by tying all of yourdata together and storing it in a central repository. Here’s management system, but found their existing program Easily Automates Business Processeshow a document management system can help your inadequate because it could not import electronic Why should you look into document management? Keybusiness run more smoothly: documents or sort documents by their labels. As a result, finding a copy of a lease was a difficult process for a Product Not Available benefits you’ll realize:• Get instant, secure access to your documents from property management company with over 9,000 units and Please add a productpractically any location. an industry average apartment turnover rate of 41 percent. • Increase cash flow They needed to find a solution that was easy to use, • Improve customer service • Scurely share and distribute your documents via email or implement and maintain that could bring together business • Reduce costsover a network. critical information from over 40 sites. • Do more with less• Streamline workflows and reduce the amount of paper Solution: DocuWare was installed at the corporate office DocuWare, integrated document management software,you use. and made available to the property offices through a Web easily automates business processes by electronically browser. All of the scanning is done at the property level, managing and sharing documents, regardless of format or• Eliminate the need for costly off­site storage of your so as part of the solution Maryland Management installed source, in one central document pool. One search quicklydocuments. 40 Panasonic 1020 scanners, one at each property. When locates all documents related to a business transaction an application is requested, the property manager simply regardless where in the world you are working. All access is• Improve efficiency by eliminating time­consuming, prints the application containing a unique application secure, controlled, and logged.manual filing practices, which will also put an end to lost or barcode number. The completed application is scanned intomisfiled documents. DocuWare, where it is electronically routed through a With Web-based document management, automated workflow process to ensure a credit check, criminal workflow and powerful integration tools to both hardware• Automate document workflows to increase productivity, background check and manager approval have all been and software, DocuWare’s flexibility enables completeand ease collaboration between departments. completed. mobility, transparency and scalability to grow with the customers’ needs.  www.stargel.com Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382 www.stargel.com Stargel Office Solutions 713-461-5382