Datto data centers


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With Stargel Office Solutions and Datto you can be assured your Data is Secure.

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Datto data centers

  1. 1. Seriously Secure.Datto’s Data Centers Provide 24/7 DataProtection and SecurityAt Datto, the safety and security of your datais of utmost importance. That’s why our devic-es continually sychronize encrypted backupsof your data to off-site servers in not one, buttwo redundant data fortresses located bi-cos-tally in San Diego, CA and rural Pennsylvania.
  2. 2. Protected & Secure Data Always Intact & Accessible DataPower Protection Datto’s redundant bi-costal data centers connect toDatto’s Data Centers use Uninterruptible Power Sup- multiple redundant carriers forming a fail-safe net-ply (UPS) battery systems, as well as N + 1 emergency work. So, in the event of a fiber cut, service outage orgenerator configuration to ensure that off-site servers a regional disaster that affects or shuts down a car-storing your data are continuously powered. rier or even an entire data center, the network remains intact and operational, meaning your data is always accessible.Fire ProtectionDatto’s Data Centers use waterless FM200 GaseousFire Fighting Systems to protect against fire and elimi- Continuous Efficacy Controlsnate potential damage from traditional fire safety sys-tems. The gas used by the FM200 system is rated for SAS70 Type II Certification means that our data cen-use in active electrical environments because it has no ters satisfy the Auditing Standards Board of the Amer-electrical conductivity. In addition, the FM200 system ican Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).meets environmental standards, leaves no residue and The AICPA is widely recognized as the gold standardis approved for use in occupied spaces. when it comes to assessment of effectively designed operational controls and activities. Our data centers have SAS70 Audits performed annually to ensure theyEnvironmental Protection maintain optimum standards of performance.Temperature and humidity controls are continuouslymonitored and performed by full data-grade HVACsystems using advanced hot and cold aisle contain-ment. These highly efficient systems are designed toseparate the cool air supply from the hot air exhaust. You Can Trust Datto to KeepThe hot exhaust is immediately captured at the pointof origin and instantly cooled via return through the All Your Data Protected andcooling system, thereby protecting the hardware con- Secure.taining your data from changes in temperature andhumidity.Physical ProtectionYour data is stored in an encrypted state and physi-cally protected and guarded at all times. Staffed andmonitored 24/7, no one can physically access Datto’ssecure data centers without global biometric authen-tication - retinal or palm scan verification. In addition,remote critical facilities management teams track allauthenticated data center personnel and monitor, re-port and record all access and activity, ensuring themost comprehensive security possible.