CASE STUDY    DriveTimeToshiba and Infincom Slash Expensesand Streamline Service at DriveTime                             ...
CASE STUDY    DriveTimelengthy SLAs. The $28,000 dollars in          Toshiba also has a wonderful recycling         too. I...
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Case study drivetime


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Case study drivetime

  1. 1. CASE STUDY DriveTimeToshiba and Infincom Slash Expensesand Streamline Service at DriveTime Problem • 89 auto dealerships with approximately 1,000 printers • Only 6 technicians to service all locations • Spending up to $30,000 per month on toner Solution • Toshiba’s PageSmart Program • Flat cost per page pricing • Nationwide network of Background to a regional support technician. The service support DriveTime, which operates 89 dealer- tech would contact the store, and tryships throughout the United States—from to troubleshoot the issue remotely. If he • Immediate savings of $10,000 per monththe mid-Atlantic to the Southwest— couldn’t troubleshoot over the phone hefinances and services car loans for 99 would arrange a visit to the dealership,”percent of its customers. It is part of the said Bobbi Polk, MIS coordinator forcompany’s distinctive market focus on DriveTime.serving customers who may have poor This is where the system began tocredit records or no credit records at all. break down. Sometimes the technician That 19-year market focus is paying off would be hundreds of miles away fromfor DriveTime. Over that time, the com- the dealership and unable to resolve thepany has sold more than 500,000 cars printer problem for several days. Theand issued more than U.S. $4 billion in technician in Tampa, for example, alsoloans, and it currently services 145,000 covers Orlando and Jacksonville and has Tonercustomer loan accounts. 20 dealerships and approximately 80 net- worked printers in his territory to supportChallenge at any given time. With many offices, came many different Infincom, which has served asimaging devices requiring maintenance DriveTime’s VAR for nearly a decade,and service at varying intervals. In fact, the concluded that DriveTime was spend-company had approximately 1,000 print- ing about $28,000-$30,000 per monthers at one time. DriveTime’s six regional on toner alone. In addition to toner and Servicetechnicians were responsible for main- other consumables, regional technicianstaining not only the company’s computer incurred the expense of time, travel, andand phone systems, but their copiers and parts to return a printer to service. Tooprinters as well, and each covered a terri- often replacement printers were pur- $tory of 15 or more dealerships. chased to sustain business operations. “Dealerships would submit a service At the inception of Toshiba’s PageSmartrequest to our internal Help Desk in solution, DriveTime managed 1,000Phoenix. The ticket would get assigned printers with limited onsite support and Simplified Billing
  2. 2. CASE STUDY DriveTimelengthy SLAs. The $28,000 dollars in Toshiba also has a wonderful recycling too. Infincom and DriveTime recentlytoner only covered orders processed program where recycling containers are completed a review of the PageSmartthrough a national supply vendor. They shipped directly to us with prepaid ship- solution. Significant and ongoing savingsalso had dealers who ordered from their ping labels. All we have to do is drop-in have been realized in the cost of toner,local office supply stores. A true TCO the used toner cartridges and send it consumables, premature equipmentwas difficult to measure, but there was off without worrying about the shipping EOL, and servicing expenses.little doubt that printer related expenses expenses,” said Polk. In partnership with DriveTime, Infincomrequired immediate attention. Toshiba supplies stickers for all the and Toshiba continue to monitor and printers that show the serial number as adjust the PageSmart solution for fur-Solution well as a phone number and website for ther cost savings. In addition, DriveTime Infincom decided to introduce DriveTime service. annually reviews and refreshes their agingto Toshiba’s PageSmart solution. Through But toner is only one part of the savings MFPs with Toshiba e-STUDIO™ MFPs toPageSmart, Infincom could support a that DriveTime enjoys with Toshiba and maintain their copier fleet in support ofnationwide fleet of printers, offer a flat- Infincom. As part of the contract, Toshiba business operations and initiatives.rate cost-per-page, guarantee profitabilityand recognize revenue – while reducingDriveTime’s cost of printing. Toshiba’s PageSmart solution is an “That’s why Toshiba was an ideal partner, because theyoffering where authorized dealers can have servicing dealers in each region. They can be (atpurchase an end-to-end MPS system each dealership) to resolve the issue, instead of remoteincluding nationwide on-site service, troubleshooting that often delayed repair times.”toner, parts, e-commerce, automatedmeter collection and help desk serviceson a cost-per-page basis. Each month, – Art Anderson, IT Manager for DriveTimeToshiba bills Infincom based on actualmeters and a flat cost-per-page. Infincomthen bills DriveTime with guaranteed mar- dealers across the country now ser-gins and fully recognized revenues. vice DriveTime’s printers. Today, when a By utilizing PageSmart, Infincom printer goes down, the DriveTime dealerwas able extend their current capabili- either calls the Help Desk, or logs the ser-ties and service coverage, while helping vice request online, and the local ToshibaDriveTime achieve significant savings. dealer takes it from there.As the economy struggled, most busi- “That’s why Toshiba was an ideal part-nesses were looking to cut operational ner, because they have servicing dealersexpenses. Infincom signed DriveTime up in each region,” added Art Anderson, ITfor a contract of one million pages per Manager for DriveTime. “They can bemonth, which came to about $20,000. (at each dealership) to resolve the issue,An immediate monthly savings of $8,000 instead of remote troubleshooting that- $10,000. often delayed repair times.” And as a Toshiba’s e-commerce system also result, DriveTime technicians are now freeincreased efficiency within DriveTime. to focus on client, computer, and server“Online ordering is fantastic. The stores issues which are more easily addressedjust sign in and put in the serial number remotely.”for the printer; it brings up the type of As DriveTime’s business expands intotoner that they need and they order it. new markets, print volume has gone up