How to Avoid Marketing Paralysis


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A guide to technology for marketers. Marketers today have a HUGE number of technology choices. This presentation spells out strategy and tactics for making marketing technology decisions.

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  • Assume, for now, you’re tracking the right data
  • How to Avoid Marketing Paralysis

    1. 1. How toAvoidTechnologyParalysisA guide to the world of marketing softwareRick Burnes (@rickburnes)HubSpot, Director of Product Marketing
    2. 2. Marketing Email Automation? Marketing? Landing Pages? SEO Tools? Social CRM? Website Social Hosting?Publishing? Blogging Social Software? Monitoring?
    3. 3. Picking software feels like finding A taxi at the airport in Nairobi.
    4. 4. How do Ipick the right technology for my marketing team?
    5. 5. Agenda 1 How did we get here? 2 What’s the right technology strategy? 3 What’s the right set of technology tactics?
    7. 7. How we used to consumeinformation How we consume information today
    8. 8. Where do1 B2B buyers1 get theirinformation? 37% Catalogs 71% 35% Seminars Internet 39% 41% Trade Trade Shows Groups Source: Rewiring Your B2B Rulebook (Research from Google & Compete, conducted in October 2011)
    9. 9. The traditional marketing playbook
    10. 10. The new marketing playbook
    11. 11. The The traditional new marketing marketing playbook playbookPrint PPC Landing PagesTV SEO VideoRadio Social Ads Marketing AutomationPR Social Publishing Marketing AnalyticsEvents Blogging PrintDirect Mail Email Newletter TVAnalytics Lead Nurturing Radio Social CRM Events Data PR Direct Mail
    13. 13. The new playbook shouldgive you leverage.
    14. 14. Excepttechnology has away of starting offpromising …
    15. 15. … then ending up abandoned.Most people start building their factory with a sink.
    16. 16. “We didn’t have a marketing processto automate. Our marketing was verytactical. We might acquire a list, orattend a trade show. What we didnext was ad-hoc, and not necessarilywell thought through.”
    17. 17. Don’t Buy Toys.Build a Factory.
    18. 18. What Is Inbound Marketing? Process Website Visitors Tools Get FoundGet Found • Content Mgmt• Publish • Blogging• Promote • Social Media• Optimize • SEOConvert • Analytics• Test Leads Convert• Target • Offers / CTAs• Nurture • Landing Pages • Email Analyze • Lead • Track Intelligence • Optimize • Lead Mgmt Analyze Customers • Marketing Analytics
    20. 20. What is yourGoal?
    21. 21. Goal 2011 Target Visitors 25,000,000 20,000,000Visitor-to-Lead Conversion 2% 2% Target Leads 500,000 400,000Lead-Customer Conversion 2% 2% ARPU $1,000 $1,000 Annual Sales 10M 8M
    22. 22. What to Look for in Marketing Analytics1. Closed-loop analytics (full-funnel tracking)2. Multi-channel closed-loop analytics3. Conversion assists4. Conversion (landing page) analytics5. Channel-level analytics
    23. 23. Where do youhaveLeverage?
    24. 24. Scenario #1: Low Traffic Target Visitors 4,444 Visitor-to-Lead Conversion 15% Target Leads 667 Lead-Customer Conversion 75% ARPU $1,000 Annual Sales $500,000
    25. 25. What do you need to rank well insearch enginges?
    26. 26. On-Page Off-Page
    27. 27. What to Look for in SEO Technology1. Track your rank2. Track your competitors’ rank3. Track SEO-generated traffic4. SEO should be easy to control via website publishing tools5. Page-by-page SEO tracking and assessment
    28. 28. What to Look for in Blog Technology1. Easy to update and maintain2. Easy SEO of blog articles3. Simple social sharing of blog articles4. RSS & Email subscriptions5. Track the leads your blog generates6. Track the keywords your blog ranks for
    29. 29. Source: Mashable
    30. 30. What to Look for in Social Technology1. Multi-channel monitoring solution2. Multi-channel publishing solution3. Track traffic and engagement by channel4. Track leads generated by social media5. Integration with marketing database & CRM
    31. 31. Scenario #2: Low Leads/Visits Target Visitors 2,000,000 Visitor-to-Lead Conversion 1% Target Leads 20,000 Lead-Customer Conversion 5% ARPU $1,000 Annual Sales $1,000,000
    32. 32. What to Look for in Calls to Action1. Easy to post and manage many CTAs2. Track views, clicks and leads of each CTA3. Simple A/B testing of CTAs
    33. 33. What to Look for in Landing Pages1. Easy to update2. Easy to create and manage at scale3. Be able to run A/B tests4. Flexible publishing5. Seamless integration with your marketing database and CRM
    34. 34. Scenario #3: LowCustomers/Leads Target Visitors 2,000,000 Visitor-to-Lead Conversion 5% Target Leads 100,000 Lead-Customer Conversion 1% ARPU $1,000 Annual Sales $1,000,000
    35. 35. What to Look for in Email Marketing1. Simple email sending and tracking2. If shared IP, high sender score3. Manage lists4. Suppress lists5. Robust, custom templating6. Custom fields in emails
    36. 36. What to Look for in Marketing Database1. Track all your contacts2. Track all your activity and history3. Be able to act upon that history4. Do all this is a channel/platform agnostic way5. Integrated with your CRM
    37. 37. What to Look for in Marketing Automation1. Multi-channel (not just email)2. Focus on individuals and relationship (not just volume of email)3. Make sure that when you implement it you have enough content4. Make sure you have the resources to run the package you get
    38. 38. Scenario #4: Unclear Leverage Target Visitors 2,000,000 Visitor-to-Lead Conversion 5% Target Leads 100,000 Lead-Customer Conversion 5% ARPU $1,000 Annual Sales $5,000,000
    39. 39. How do Ipick the right technology for my marketing team?
    40. 40. FINALTHOUGHT
    41. 41. Who has time To put all the pieces together?d.j.k. on flickr
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    43. 43. THANKYOUConnect with me onTwitter: @rickburnes