Gain New Revenue Streams with Hosted Cloud Services


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FiberCloud is a hosted cloud services company providing an easy way for businesses to gain new revenue streams by offering best in class cloud services to their customers, branded as their own, with no minimum commitment levels, and no upfront costs.

With the partnership you will be able to grow your existing customers and attract new ones, complimenting your existing business, while FiberCloud takes on much of the technology burden. Our suite of hosted cloud solutions includes virtual servers, mobility solutions, disaster recovery, web hosting, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, email archiving, online backup, etc.

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  • We are not the average hosting company
  • We have strategically designed our network for uptime, fault tolerance and disaster recovery. FiberCloud has 5 geographically diverse and highly redundant data centers which form the foundation of our networkData centers are built to top industry standards with power, cooling, monitoring, security, and support optimized for each facility
  • We have added diversity and redundancy to our network by using a high speed, multi-path MPLS network which we call our FiberCloud Matrix Technology. This allows us to utilize all the fiber routes that connect our various data centers automatically which means if one path is blocked, our MPLS network will find another path over the internet.We have fully redundant routers and switches from premier equipment providers which enable us to connect to multiple Tier 1 internet providers throughout our 5 data center locations and even expanding out of the country into Canada. Our cloud hosted software services platform provides safe zones between the public internet and applications. Your customers data is protected by a layered wall of software and firewall protection so that it is always secured. FiberCloud uses daily backups, and its geographically diverse infrastructure to layer multiple disaster recovery and backup solutions for your customers as well
  • We have all seen customers who have their critical servers under the receptionist desk…..The cloud has moved from “when” to “how”As the economic climate improves, the cloud adoption discussions are moving from cost to value and from tactical to strategicReducing hardware cost, increasing competition amongst vendors, and economies of scale have put the customers in a driver’s seat
  • After gathering momentum over the last 5 years, the “cloud” and “software-as-a-service” are now more than mere buzzwords, witnessing massive adoption from all sectors of the economy, particularly the small and medium business segment. In a recent report, IDC predicts that over 2010-2014, SaaS will grow six times faster than traditional packaged software, reaching over $40 billion in revenues by 2014.
  • Go to mkting support-Personal approach in working with partners. Separates us from Microsoft and Google
  • Diversify offerings in a changing market, and offer clients choice. As many studies find, most SMBs will prefer a hybrid model rather than pure cloud or pure on-premise IT. Similarly, it makes sense for channel partners to diversify their offerings to include both packaged and cloud based software. In a market where both on premise and SaaS applications exist in every area, channel partners may also give clients choice by offering both.Open horizontal and vertical cross selling opportunities. Communication and collaboration are likely to be the biggest areas of SaaS uptake.Partners will find cloud communication and collaboration solutions a relatively easy entry point into organizations, which they can leverage to cross sell further solutions or services. It is like a salesman’s foot-in-the-door - once you demonstrate a quick win which is easy to quantify and illustrate as a smart decision, you will be the person they go to for future technology solutions. From break-fix to strategic services. Packaged software typically requires a lot of menial maintenance effort involving numerous onsite visits. Since SaaS solutions require no on-premise setup, customers are largely self-reliant after the first month. Resellers stand to gain in two ways from this. Firstly, resellers stand to reduce costs of numerous on site visits, and serve a larger number of customers. Secondly, the nature of value added services also shifts from low-value, low-margin services, such as hardware and software installs, upgrades, patching, database tuning, etc to typically higher margin strategic services.
  • Let me talk a little about how FiberCloud Choses Its productsWe offer a portfolio of innovative, scalable technology solutions designed to help your company succeed in a fast-changing worldWe are not a Microsoft shopLet me take a few moments to talk about our products in a little more detail
  • Access Anywhere. Reach your email, tasks, calendar and contacts from any Internet connection.Enterprise Quality Solution. Use the worldwide standard for email without having to make new capital investments or increase your support costs.Cost Efficient. Provisioned on a per-seat basis, you pay for only what you need and scale as you grow. May be appealing for even smaller clients who may not be large enough or have the capital to invest in their own Exchange server.Data Center Security. We’ve deployed Exchange in a highly secure and reliable data center environment to maintain high levels of availability.Email ArchivingEase of Use. Intuitive and integrated with Outlook and Outlook Web Access, archiving, searching and retrieval of messages are easy for all users. The same password can be used for accessing both email and the archive.Not Just For Email. Archive all Outlook content including calendar, tasks, contacts and notes. Maintain your Outlook folder hierarchy and organizational structure.Protect Your Business. Comply with government regulations, add protection and minimize discovery costs.
  • FiberCloud provides Microsoft SharePoint as a tool to quickly build secure intranet sites without the need for highly technical resources. We support simple hosted solutions as well as complex custom-designed installations
  • Be Flexible. You choose which files and databases are to be backed up and recovered. Configure backup tasks to run automatically at selected intervals.Support Privacy and Regulatory Requirements. Advanced encryption protects data during backup and recovery. Only you can access your data via your encryption key.Cost Efficient. By backing up only what you need, you minimize the costs of storage. Backups occur in the background even while your database is in use.Data Center Security. FiberCloud Online Backup is deployed in a highly secure and reliable data center environment to maintain high levels of availability.
  • Let me take you through a sample of an existing FiberCloud account. Hopefully this situation and some of their challenges look familiar to most of you.
  • Go to mkting support-Personal approach in working with partners. Separates us from Microsoft and Google
  • EmailI will call to review pricing and go over the go-to-market plan
  • Gain New Revenue Streams with Hosted Cloud Services

    1. 1. New Revenue Opportunitieswith Hosted Cloud Services Rick Collins Channel Manager 206-453-6459
    2. 2. Who is FiberCloud?• FiberCloud is an IP solutions company• Headquartered in Seattle, WA• 10+ years experience in colocation, connectivity & cloud hosting• Offers a Wholesale White Label Partner Program for Hosted Cloud Services• Focus on offering best-in-class products that are flexible and scalable• Committed to providing an outstanding customer experience with a personal touch
    3. 3. Confidence with Secure Data Centers• Data centers are owned and maintained by FiberCloud• 3rd party audits - SAS 70 Type II, MSP Alliance UCS Certified• Advanced video surveillance• Biometric and key card access• Supports HIPPA, SOX and PCI compliance
    4. 4. Redundant FiberCloud Matrix Technology• Carrier-grade architecture• Provisioned in secure data center environment• Multi-route Internet connectivity in MPLS network• FiberCloud Matrix Technology, managed and engineered by FiberCloud team• Best-in-class scalable software solutions• Geographically diverse infrastructure
    5. 5. What Our Customers Say… “Whatcom Health Information Network has used FiberCloud services for many years and have been very satisfied with the overall performance and level of technical services provided to us. We would not be able to provide the level of service that we provide to our customers without the robust and reliable services that FiberCloud provided to us.” - Michael A. Bouchard, Network Services Manager HiNet “Fiber Cloud has been providing us with fast, dependable co-location services for many years. Their staff is knowledgeable, effective at communication, and provides top-notch customer support. We have referred several of our own clients to Fiber Cloud for their hosting needs.” - Clint Dimick, Manager, IT/Network Services, Mantis Technology Group, Inc.“FiberCloud provides the hosting services for our critical business intelligence platform, ClearMetrix. Because our clients need access 24x7, it’s essential we have the peace of mind that our hosting provider has the infrastructure and know-how to keep our solution running at peak performance at all times. What’s more, as ClearMetrix has grown, FiberCloud has scaled with us.” - Bob Kelly, senior vice president of sales and marketing for HyperQuality.
    6. 6. Why The Cloud?• Reduce Costs. No CAPEX and no infrastructure to acquire and maintain - Same easy access to information• Improve accessibility. You can access your work any time, any place, anywhere• Improve flexibility. Change direction faster than your competition. Increase customer service• Achieve more with less. Enjoy greater productivity with fewer resources• Dynamic platform that scales with your business and allows you and your customers to pay as they grow• Greater reliability than most computing architectures• Don’t get left behind
    7. 7. Market Opportunity• Frost and Sullivan expects the SaaS email market to double by 2015• Microsoft survey predicts that 40% of global SMBs will pay for one or more cloud computing services within the next 3 years• CompTia survey says over 50% of end users prefer to buy from a third- party cloud service provider or MSP
    8. 8. Estimated Return CalculatorRecurring Revenue Example: Contact Rick 2 new – 50 user At deals a month of FiberCloud just email, online for up-to- backup and mobile date active sync Wholesale Results in over Pricing $13K/month additional revenueat the end of year 1
    9. 9. Additional Revenue OpportunitiesAs your recurring revenue continues to grow, gain additional margin and revenue to your bottom line
    10. 10. Additional Revenue OpportunitiesAdditional Opportunities – Colocation and Connectivity
    11. 11. White Label Partner Program Benefits• Low to no risk - Get into a hot market with minimal investment• Build a recurring revenue stream• Revenue increases as your customers grow• You maintain ownership of your customer• Single source billing and marketing for customer• Very simple business terms• From break-fix to strategic services• Expand and diversify offerings in a changing market, and offer clients choice• Reduce numerous visits allowing you to serve a larger number of customers• Monitor projects in real time• No geographic limitations
    12. 12. How we Choose our Products• Solutions based on best-in-class products• Designed to provide measurable value to our customers• We choose intuitive and easy to use products• Always looking for the next innovative solution
    13. 13. Cloud Suite Business Class Email Mobility Email Archiving Solutions MicrosoftFile Transfer SharePoint Online Backup Cloud Servers Web Hosting
    14. 14. Hosted Exchange• One inbox on the desktop, web • Flexible mailbox options or smartphone • Email archiving available• Pay as you go & grow • Mobility solutions for iPhone,• Microsoft Outlook 2010 iPad, Android, BlackBerry, desktop access Windows Phone
    15. 15. Hosted SharePoint Company Intranet Virtual Office Team Sites Project Sites Tasks Announcements Free downloadable templates• Be productive, be safe• Empower teams• Brainstorm & create• Document management• Community forums• Content control
    16. 16. Online Backup Workstation and Server Backup• Windows application integration including Exchange backup• Full Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL database backup• Stored with multiple layers of physical security• Version history and flexible recovery options• 256-bit AES encryption• Custom backup intervals
    17. 17. Cloud Servers• Host your application or use as a web server• Root Access• Data Center Security & Redundancy• Multi-route Internet connectivity• Maximize server utilization• Windows and Linux• Easy Scalability• FiberCloud manages the network, hardware and OS
    18. 18. Mobility Solutions• Expand your business• Gain more time• Stay organized & connected anywhere• BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone• Outlook Voice Access – Email, Calendar, Contacts from any phone
    19. 19. Email Archiving• Protect the business• Ease of use• Reduce IT costs• Support Regulatory Compliance• Not just for email – Archive calendar, tasks, contacts, notes – Use Outlook folder hierarchy
    20. 20. Skoot – Secure File Transfer• Easiest most secure way to share files of any type over the internet!• No practical size limit• Share internally or externally to an organization while preserving IT security policies.• Easy integration into IT infrastructure• Excellent resource for the medical, legal and financial industries
    21. 21. A Typical Application Medium Size Business Benefits from Cloud-Hosted Software Management consulting firm with 50 employees Situation Solution Impact• Email critical to • Business Class Email • Improved email company reliability communication • Mobility for Smartphones • Migration of existing • Business Continuity &• Security issues (stolen/destroyed mailboxes improved security laptops) • Collaboration & document • Better support• Limited IT staff and management with • Improved client and resources SharePoint employee• Diverse user needs • Online Backup communication• Windows & Mac • Control Panel • Efficient use of IT OS X systems management for the • FiberCloud is their• Smartphone users reseller technology team
    22. 22. Reseller Portal
    23. 23. Go-To-Market Support• Customized go-to-market plans• Marketing materials• Recommended pricing• Welcome letters• How to guides• Tier I and II support available
    24. 24. Rebrand as your ownSuccor Consulting GroupEHR – Electronic Health Records• Re-branded as their own solution• Used our marketing templates and content• Uploaded to site in two days• Had inquiries the first
    25. 25. Dedicated to your SuccessYou own the relationship• Sales and marketing• Dictate your own prices• Market-specific packaging• First-line customer support• Your own branding• Billing & collection• Provision adds and changes• We manage migration
    26. 26. The Right Partner• Best-in-class products• Fault tolerant infrastructure• High quality touch• Full team of experts behind you• Superior support• Personalized reseller program
    27. 27. Next StepsStart offering your own cloud services immediately! No upfront costs or commitmentsTry it first – I’m interested in free 14 or 30 day trial Rick Collins - Channel Manager - 206-453-6459