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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Ecosystems
  2. 2. Ecosystems• Interacting populations of organisms with biotic and abiotic factors
  3. 3. Abiotic Factors• Non-living factors that affect the ecosystem: light, space, temperature, shelter, water, soil composition
  4. 4. Biotic Factor• Living factors that affect the ecosystem: food sources, other population members, other species
  5. 5. Competition• More than one individual, or population in an ecosystem, relies upon the same limited resources
  6. 6. Niche• Role in an ecosystem
  7. 7. Limiting Factor• A biotic or abiotic factor needed as a resource for survival; depletion prevents growth or expansion of the organism or population
  8. 8. Summary• Resources for an organism’s habitat, including space, food, shelter, and water, may be limited or depleted by competition. Two species cannot operate in the same niche in the same environment.• Organisms rely on natural resources in their environment such as quantity of light, water supply, and suitable temperature.• Competition occurs when niches overlap and organisms seek the same resources, especially when the population density is high.