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Reading Plus UX Agile Product Path


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Presentation given by Rick Cusick (CIO, Reading Plus) at the 2012 BTV Web Application Meetup Group. This lays out the steps and process used by the Reading Plus team to update not only our core product offering, but also the challenges we faced and overcame on our way to implementing Agile Development and User Experience practices.

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Reading Plus UX Agile Product Path

  1. 1. reading plus ®Product Path Rick Cusick @rickcusick
  2. 2. The Way to do is to be this prezi with help from lao tzu & stillwater All art work © Jon J. muth all rights reserved
  3. 3. reading plus ®
  4. 4. jump off point
  5. 5. the poisoned applet
  6. 6. The wayStory Mapping User Experience User Personas Collaborative Wire-Framing [Paper] Prototyping Usability Testing
  7. 7. agile godfather @jeffpatton
  8. 8. Storymap as backlogA Well Organized Backlog:•Descriptive•Prioritized•Stories sized right
  9. 9. experience / Release Dashboard Messages Stories Questions Read Reply to Answer Log In Select Story Read Story Messages Messages QuestionsUser Story Business Logic Business Logic User Story User Story Business Logic MVP Sub Task UI Details User Story Business LogicBusiness Logic UI Details UI DetailsUser Story M2UI Details UI Details M3 UI Details
  10. 10. Pragmatic personas