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Self directed support and mh - ot b and nd-ti project flier final


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Self directed support and mh - ot b and nd-ti project flier final

  1. 1. Self-Directed Support in Scotland and people with mentalhealth problemsThe Scottish Parliament has passed a new law on social caresupport, the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act2013.The Act gives people a range of options for how their social care isdelivered, beyond just direct payments, empowering people todecide how much on-going control and responsibility they wantover their own support arrangements.Getting There is one of the capacity building projects which issupporting the implementation of SDS in Scotland. The project issupporting smaller voluntary organisations which deliver servicesand are led by the people who use those services.User-led providers are clear that this opportunity must be equallyavailable to people with mental health problems.To support this, Outside the Box has commissioned the NationalDevelopment Team for Inclusion (NDTi) to bring together existingevidence and practice on Self-Directed Support for people withmental health problems.This work will:Highlight the difference that Self-Directed Support can anddoes make for people with mental health problemsProvide practical examples of how Self-Directed Support forpeople with mental health problems has workedHighlight what needs to be in place to ensure this happens.The work will be shared with all people with an interest in ensuringthat people with mental health problems have the sameopportunity to benefit from Self-Directed Support. This includes(but isn’t limited to):Groups led by people with mental health problems,particularly those developing an understanding of SDSUser-led service providers and independent support services
  2. 2. Staff in local authorities, particularly those with responsibilityin ensuring people with mental health problems can equallyaccess SDS.Staff in CHCPs and other services which provide care andsupport to people who have mental health problems.The work is arranged in 3 parts:1. Part 1 will look at what information exists on ensuring Self-Directed Support works for people with a mental healthproblem.2. Part 2 will engage with local stakeholders to find out theirexperiences and perspectives on what needs to be in placefor people with mental health problems when it comes toSelf-Directed Support.3. Part 3 will be the promotion of the findings of this work, inways that will be straightforward to use for both people withmental health problems themselves and in people’s day-to-day work.We are aiming to complete the work by September 2013.For more information about this work, please contact either:Rich Watts (Mental Health Programme Lead at the NationalDevelopment Team for Inclusion) on 01225 789135 Connor (Chief Executive of Outside the Box) on 0141419 0451 or