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People First Ltd's Easy Read standards, August 2012


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Easy Read standards, produced by People First Ltd. This is part of the learning and resources from a project supported by the Strengthening DPULOs Programme.

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People First Ltd's Easy Read standards, August 2012

  1. 1. People First (Self Advocacy) Unit F173 Riverside Business Ctr, Haldane Place, London SW18 4UQ Tel. 020 8874 1377 Email: Website: People First’s Easy Read Standards 1. Text formatting (type of letters to use): • Use Arial font, No smaller than font size 18. This document is the size of Arial Font 18 • Use bold to make something stand out • Do not use underlining (underline = No) • Do not use italics (Italics = No) Photos and pictures • Pictures may not be clear if printed badly. • Using photos can be confusing, the picture can lose meaning if a person recognises a person in the photoPeople First is run by people with learning difficulties campaigning for equal rights. We give information, training and advice. People First (Self Advocacy) is a company limited by guarantee no. 03134827 and a registered charity no. 1057354
  2. 2. • Pictures with words: their should be at least one picture per paragraph, but if the paragraph is talking about two different points then you need two pictures • The pictures should tell the story of your documentWords• Use words that are easy to understand; sometimes you cannot change a word so will need to include it in a glossary and explain what it means. • Use short sentences.• Do not use hyphens (this symbol is a hyphen - ) or split a word across 2 lines or pages• Often it is not enough to change one word for another to make a sentence accessible. In this case the whole structure of the sentence should be changed. • An easy read document should include all the information included in the non
  3. 3. easy read version. The easy read document should not be a summary. After a piece of work has been put into Easy Read a person with learning difficulties should check it to make sure that it is accessible.At People First we understand thateverybody has different accessneeds and that for some people, tofully understand an Easyreaddocument, they will need support.So thinking about your targetaudience should be your startingpoint. If you don’t go below these standards then everybody has the same access to information and an equal opportunity to be included.