Merton CIL general leaflet


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Details about Merton CIL's general work. Some great work from an emerging DPULO.

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Merton CIL general leaflet

  1. 1. Celebrating Independent Lives Merton CIL is a grassroots organisation run and controlled by disabled people. We aim to ensure disabled people take control over their lives and achieve full participation in Merton & the wider society.
  2. 2. Our Aims• To promote the independence and inclusion of disabled and deaf people in Merton• Challenge discrimination facing disabled and deaf people in Merton• Encourage disabled and deaf people and supporters to achieve change locallyMerton CIL will celebrate the broad diversity of disabled anddeaf people whatever their ethnic background, age, gender,sexual identity as well as people with mental health needswho often face additional barriers to inclusion. Membership Who can become a member?Any disabled or deaf person, carer, or supporter whosubscribes to the aims of Merton CIL How can I join?By completing a membership form available from ourwebsite, by email or by phone What do I get as a member?Membership entitles you to receive regular updates, to havea say in our work, and to vote at annual general meetingsof the CIL Why is it important to become a member?The more members we represent the more powerful ourcombined voice when it comes to advocating for services tobetter meet our needs
  3. 3. Peer Support ProgrammeWe are training up local volunteers with lived experience ofdisability to offer support and coaching to disabled and deafpeople in Merton. We do not make decisions for you, buthelp you to set goals and take the steps you want to take inyour own way and your own time.Contact us to apply, no referral needed.Information and Advice ServiceWe are developing an advice and information service fordisabled and deaf people in Merton and their carers andsupporters. This will include outreach surgeries around theborough and we can visit you at home if needed.Find out more on our website. Future PlansWe are guided by the needs and opinions of our members.Please get in touch to share your views
  4. 4. Why do You Need a CIL?We believe in the social model of disability, which meansthat when we talk about disabled people, we mean howsociety disabled us by the way that it treats and excludesus, whatever our impairment. We focus on how and wheresociety fails to include disabled and deaf people throughdisabling attitudes and barriers, and we aim to reduce thosebarriers. What can a CIL do?• Provide information and support• To increase independence• To support members to have their voices heard• Champion the right to fully participate in life and exercise choice and control Contact Us To find out more about what we do, or how you can get involved, contact Lyla: 0744 936 2233 @MertonCIL Mertoncil Merton.cil Merton CIL is a company limited by guarantee. Company number 7645926 Working towards registered charitable status