Email from ecdp member re Atos reports and ecdp response


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Email from ecdp member re Atos reports and ecdp response

  1. 1. Email from ecdp member re: Atos reports and ecdp’s responseFrom: James Reymond [mailto:****]Sent: 04 November 2012 00:12To: ReceptionSubject: ATOS3.11.2012To The Management CommitteeECDPIt is with some alarm that I read in this weekends papers that ECDP arerecorded as having enabled ATOSs tendering processes for PIP and as anECDP member ask that your Committee take a clear public position as to yourpast and intended future involvements with a Company that for a pure profitmotive are responsible for what many disabled people in this country see as aflawed, divisive and dis-enabling attack that is setting back so much of theprogress made in disability empowerment over the last decade.Whilst I fully understand that assessment and support reviews are quiteappropriate, they should be used as a positive path for ECDP members andthe disabled in this country to accentuate the positive aspects of the supportthey are receiving and to form the basis of a pathway to accessing furtherservices or improved understanding of their needs for the benefit ofthemselves and their carers and families, ECDP does not I believe hold theirmemberships consent for facilitating ATOSs commercial presentations inpursuit of multi-million pound profits now or in the future.I ask that ECDP ask ATOS, affilliated organisations and mediarepresentatives to attend a meeting at Essex Pass as soon as practicallypossible and allow ECDP members, their families, their carers tell ATOS howtheir assessments have impacted on their lives and allow ATOS theopportunity to reply directly.If reports are incorrect and ECDP have in fact liased with and contributed toATOSs securement of the PIP and other contracts, I would as a memberappreciate an explanation as to why there has been no reference to this inany newsletter or membership communication.Please post this letter to the website and make it available to other ECDPmembers who I am sure will feel as strongly as I do.With best regardsJames Reymond[ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]--
  2. 2. From: Richard WattsSent: 05 November 2012 14:41To: James Reymond [mailto:****]Subject: Re: ATOSDear James,Many thanks for your email. To ensure a prompt reply, I am writing to you onbehalf of ecdps Management Committee and Chief Executive Officer, andwill ensure they see a copy of your original email and the response below.We too were incredibly disappointed to read that ecdp had been cited in AtosHealthcares bid to the Department for Work & Pensions regarding thePersonal Independence Payment (PIP) contract.We first became aware of this when contacted by John Pring of the DisabilityNews Service. As a result, our Chief Executive - Mike Adams - gave aninterview to John, which was quoted from in his article on the matter. You canread this article here: that, we then published an update on our website for our membersand all other interested stakeholders with full information regarding this issue: article highlights that: • Mike was invited by the Department for Work and Pensions to present at a PIP Framework Provider event to all potential providers (which included Atos Healthcare) on 3 May. This presentation was on the importance of the lived experience approach, and not about how ecdp could potentially be involved in this area of work • Prior to the provider event, ecdp had had a generic conversation with Capita about the PIP contract. Capita were also in attendance at the Framework Provider event • ecdp was clear with every potential provider that, until we knew the results of the contracting process, we were not going to commit to any work in this area • ecdp did not have any conversations with Atos Healthcare prior to their bid being submitted. The only contact with Atos Healthcare was through Mike’s presentation at the general framework event to all potential providers on 3 May • Mike met with a representative of Atos Healthcare on 20 September, where he reaffirmed both the lived experience approach and that we were not committing to work with anyone in this area.Mike will be writing to Atos Healthcare today to understand how ecdp came tobe cited in their formal tender documents re: PIP.
  3. 3. Once we understand what the current situation is, we will then be in a betterposition to understand what our options are, if any, in future.Although PIP hasnt formally started, this would include your suggestion ofinviting someone from Atos Healthcare to hear firsthand from members,families and their carers regarding Atos Healthcare assessments - regardingDisability Living Allowance and the Work Capability Assessment - and theirimpact.I will keep you updated accordingly, and will post a copy of your original email(without personal information) and this response to our website.Kind regards,Rich, on behalf of ecdps Management BoardDirector of Policy & Development, ecdp