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DPULOs and the development of Healthwatch an event


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On Friday 9 November there will be an event in Wolverhampton looking at how DPULOs can be a part of the local Healthwatch agenda. If you'd like to take part email

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DPULOs and the development of Healthwatch an event

  1. 1. We are inviting you to come and join us for;An open event for Disabled People’s LedOrganisations.We are holding an open event where you can: • Debate, discuss and share your experiences of what is happening in your area around the development of Healthwatch and how you are or can become involved in this.Friday 9th November 2012 Action 4 Independence. Albert Road, Wolverhampton WV6 OAFFrom 10.00am until 3.00pmWe would love to meet you and see you thereFor more information;Contact 01952 211421Or email;