Disability Equality NW business plan summary


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Nice example of a business plan summary from Disability Equality NW. Thanks to Mel Close for sharing.

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Disability Equality NW business plan summary

  1. 1. Key Aims for 2011-2016 Our Vision Disability is the loss or limitation of opportunities to take part in the normal life Our vision is a society in which all people of the community on an equal level with – regardless of impairment – are valued, others due to physical and social barriers. live full family, social and economic lives and can access and actively take part in Therefore disability is not a medical problem but rather a social issue - the result of their local communities. society being organised to meet the needs of the majority of people who do not have significant impairments. It is a type of Our Core Values oppression, similar to sexism and racism. a) Equal Opportunities, c) The Principles of Diversity and Social Justice Independent Living Disability Equality (nw) is committed to Disability Equality (nw) interprets embracing diversity and promoting equality of “independence” as disabled people having opportunity. We will not tolerate discrimination control over how support is provided, who on grounds of gender, gender identity, marital provides it and when. This means having status, sexual orientation, race, nationality, the same choice, control and freedom as religion, age, impairment, HIV status, working other citizens in all areas of life. pattern, caring responsibilities, trade union activity or political beliefs – or any other Disabled people’s organisations have grounds. We are determined to ensure that: identified twelve basic rights which, if met, • we treat all individuals fairly, with dignity would enable disabled people to live and respect; independently and be fully included. These are: • we accept people for who they are; • Full access to our environment. • the opportunities we provide are open to all; • A fully accessible transport system. • we provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment; • Technical aids – equipment. • we promote and campaign for social justice. • Accessible/adapted housing. • Personal assistance. b) The Social Model of • Inclusive education and training. Disability • An adequate income. Disability Equality (nw) actively promotes • Equal opportunities for employment. the Social Model of Disability in everything • Appropriate and accessible information. it does. This defines ‘impairment’ and • Advocacy (towards self-advocacy). ‘disability’ as follows: • Peer support. Impairment is the loss or limitation of • Appropriate and accessible heath care physical, mental or sensory function on a provision. long-term or permanent basis.Need an alternative format? Telephone our helpline 01772 558863
  2. 2. d) The Importance of Our MissionVolunteering and Peer SupportDisability Equality (nw) is dedicated to Our organisation’s mission is toproviding volunteering and peer support promote the removal of disablingopportunities for disabled people. In doing barriers from society and furtherso, we recognise that the people who know the human and civil rights ofbest the needs of disabled people and howto meet those needs are disabled people disabled people.themselves. Therefore part of our role must This mission has been translated into 4be to ensure that local disabled people have strategic aims:a voice and are listened to. 1. To support individual disabled people to achieve independent living;e) The Role of Young Disabled 2. To facilitate volunteering and peer supportPeople opportunities for individual disabledDisability Equality (nw) is committed to people;working with young disabled people and 3. To influence the local community, servicesincluding them in all aspects of its work. and other organisations, to removeWe recognise that young disabled people barriers for disabled people;have a unique voice, often having had 4. To continually work to embed gooddifferent experiences. We also recognise practice in the organisation throughthat young disabled people are vital to the further developing excellent governance,future of our organisation. robust management and a strongf) Person-Centred Approach commitment to equality of opportunities.Disability Equality (nw) is dedicated to For more details please contact:a person-centred approach to delivering Melanie Close, Chief Executive,services and support. This means that Disability Equality North West,the needs and wishes of the individual are 103 Church Street, Preston,prioritised and met. All of our services and Lancashire, PR1 3BSsupport is underpinned by the principles of Telephone helpline 01772 558863the Social Model of Disability. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter: Disability Equality (nw) Ltd103 Church Street, Preston,Lancashire, PR1 3BSTelephone helpline 01772 558863 DisabilityNWwww. disability-equality.org.uk charity number: 1114622Email: hello@disability-equality.org.uk company number: 5506903