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E Portfolio Requirement


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This describe the University Honors Program's process of building an e-portfolio process with students. It was presented in December 2007 to a group of faculty and staff.

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E Portfolio Requirement

  1. 1. E-Portfolio Requirement University Honors Program
  2. 2. Background about the University Honors Program  Incoming class of 256 students  Students are represented in every college  150 participated in the Honors 101 class during autumn 2007  75 students registered for Honors 101 for winter 2008
  3. 3. E-Portfolio Objectives  Establish student goals and milestones during the collegiate experience  Outline learning objectives as students participate in the University Honors Program  Chronicle and log a student’s required Honors experiences  Maintain an ongoing history of co-op and/or work experience  Maintain an on-going history of campus involvement and community engagement
  4. 4. Desired Outcomes  Enhance student learning and success  Use as a source for assessment  Create intentional touch-points between the student and the University Honors Program throughout a student’s college experience
  5. 5. Background  E-portfolios were created in Blackboard 7 and introduced during the transition from Blackboard 6 to 7  Used Basic Portfolio functionality, where the design is simple  Mandated every Honors 101 student to build an e-portfolio as a requirement for graduation
  6. 6. Process  Tailored existing templates to reflect Honors programmatic requirements  Worked with the Blackboard Support Team to activate and upload the templates for students to use  Walked the students through a step-by- step process to build and share the portfolio  The students created personal development plans to populate the e- portfolio pages  Required students to share their portfolio with the University Honors Program staff
  7. 7. Technical Challenges  No existing content available as a template and/or benchmark  Various students experienced technical problems ◦ Formatting text ◦ Sharing the portfolio ◦ Linking documents  Identifying content progress
  8. 8. Educational Challenges  Teaching the building process ◦ Present the assignment in a classroom with computer workstations ◦ Present the components of the assignment as one assignment  The simplicity of the templates generated student push-back on the relevance  Competing with social and professional networking portals (LinkedIn, InCircle, Facebook, MySpace, Google, Bebo, Plaxo, etc.)  Concerns on the portability of the final product
  9. 9. Where do we go from here?  Create concrete intentional touch- points to review and update the e- portfolio  Build the evaluation process as part of the graduation requirement  Devise the evaluative rubric
  10. 10. Where do we go from here?  Need a University-wide platform  Need to provide additional resources and features to guarantee continual use and mantainence (i.e., Blackboard Outcomes)  Need to move beyond the LiveText/Blackboard debate
  11. 11. E-Portfolio Requirement University Honors Program