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Bearcat Bound Orientation 2009


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Bearcat Bound Orientation 2009

  1. 1. 2009 Bearcat Bound Orientation University Honors Program
  2. 2. University Honors Program An academically challenging environment where passionate professors and peers inspire one another to learn more, do more and be more. Students are given freedom to explore interests and support to achieve goals and dreams. University Honors Program
  3. 3. Themes of Honors Education at UC Honors emphasizes experiential education through curricular and co-curricular learning focused on: •Community Engagement •Global Studies •Leadership •Research and Creative Arts University Honors Program
  4. 4. Expectations “Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility.” ~Peter Drucker “The price of greatness is responsibility.” ~Sir Winston Churchill “If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” ~Thomas Alva Edison University Honors Program
  5. 5. Applying Honors Expectations • Go beyond the “A” • Engage in the subject at hand • Use winter, spring and summer breaks as an opportunity for fun, interesting and focused learning opportunities • Develop connections with personal, academic and professional goals • Contribute to the University and community University Honors Program
  6. 6. Honors First Year Experience • Honors Retreat • September 17-18 at Higher Ground Conference and Retreat Center • Fun, interactive sessions • All incoming students encouraged to participate • Peer mentoring • Space is limited University Honors Program
  7. 7. Honors Retreat University Honors Program
  8. 8. Honors First Year Experience ►New picture • English 101H and 102H with community engagement component • Gateway to University Honors (38HNRS110H) and begin building the e-portfolio • Honors courses and seminars University Honors Program
  9. 9. Requirements Beyond the First Year Experience • Honors version of mid-career writing course (15ENGL289H) • 6 Honors experiences • honors seminars • courses approved as honors experiences • experiential learning projects • 3.4 cumulative University GPA University Honors Program
  10. 10. Honors Experiences in Community Engagement • Participating in Experiential Learning Projects like: • Alternative break trips or long-term service commitment • Organizing or significantly participating in service programs like Relay for Life or Habitat for Humanity • Taking Honors Seminars such as: • Social Change through Civic Leadership • Nicaraguan Culture and Service • Beyond IQ: Developing and Applying Emotional Intelligence • Appalachian Culture and Intercultural Communication University Honors Program
  11. 11. Honors Experiences in Global Studies • Participating in Experiential Learning Projects like: • Study abroad • Significant participation with and contribution to an organization like Engineers Without Borders • Taking Honors Seminars such as: • Russia in the Age of Peter the Great • Paris: Reading the City • Focus on Berlin • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability in India University Honors Program
  12. 12. Honors Experiences in Leadership • Participating in Experiential Learning Projects like: • Internships and/or Co-ops • Peer Leaders Programs (Learning Communities, Women’s Center, etc.) • LeaderShape • Significant leadership in a student organization • Taking Honors Seminars such as • Lessons in Leadership • Developing Leadership Through Service • Creative Leadership University Honors Program
  13. 13. Honors Experiences in Research & Creative Arts • Participating in Experiential Learning Projects like: • Undergraduate research • Programs such as Women in Science and Engineering • Organizing an event or performance • Taking Honors Seminars such as: • Live Well Collaborative Studio • Chemical Aspects of Forensic Science • History of Art II & III • The Culture of Books and Reading University Honors Program
  14. 14. University Honors Program
  15. 15. ►If you had to summarize what you want to accomplish in college in one headline, what would it be and why? ►Other than a degree and education, what do you hope to get out of your college experience? ►What do you hope to be doing in 10 years? ►What is driving you to get your college degree? University Honors Program
  16. 16. Autumn Quarter Registration Information 1. You are required to take Gateway to University Honors in your first year. • Register for the course in autumn quarter if your schedule allows and spaces are available. • Sections will be offered in autumn and winter quarters. University Honors Program
  17. 17. Autumn Quarter Registration Information ► You are required to take Honors sections of English (15ENGL101H and 102H, or 15ENGL112). • If the English placement exam indicates that you • placed into English 101  Take English 101H • placed into English 112  Take English 112 • • If you have AP / IB / PSEOP credit for • English 101  Take English 102H • English 101 and 102  first-year Honors English requirement is completed University Honors Program
  18. 18. Autumn Quarter Registration Information 1. You may register for any learning community that includes classes you’re eligible to take. Please note that some colleges require students to join learning communities. 3. Looking for an elective or BoK course in autumn quarter? Check out an honors seminar or other course approved as an honors experience! These can fulfill a college requirement and an honors experience. University Honors Program
  19. 19. Autumn Quarter Registration Information 5. Please contact Jen Lile (513-556-1003 or with any questions about Honors requirements during or after orientation registration. University Honors Program
  20. 20. Registration Information • • University Honors Program
  21. 21. Honors = Opportunities • Honors lounge, computer lab & collaborative learning room • Opportunities to personalize your experience • New ideas, deeper learning & self-challenge • Opportunities in Honors housing • Register early • Supportive peers University Honors Program
  22. 22. Opportunities = UC Pride • University Honors Association • Cultural, social & service events • Principles to guide personal growth • Resources, research • Interaction with faculty • Dedicated Honors advisor • Earn Honors designation upon graduation University Honors Program
  23. 23. University Honors Association • Leadership Development Exec board positions available in fall • d • Service Opportunities Nursing Home Prom, Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, Habitat 5K d • Social Activities Skiing and white water rafting trips, sporting events, game nights d • Meetings are held twice per month University Honors Program
  24. 24. Staying Connected with Honors • Listservs • UC-Honors and UC-Honors-UHA • All students are included in the UC-Honors listserv • Announcements on class information, opportunities, deadlines, registration information, etc. • Website ( University Honors Program
  25. 25. Facebook and Linkedin University Honors Program
  26. 26. Honors Program Staff Raj Mehta Debbie Brawn Director Director of Programs & Administration Jessica King Jen Lile Senior Admissions Officer Assistant Director & Academic Advisor Rich Robles Assistant Director for FYE Tricia Yee & Leadership Executive Staff Assistant University Honors Program
  27. 27. Questions? University Honors Program
  28. 28. Bearcat Bound Orientation 2009 705 Swift Hall 513-556-6254 University Honors Program