Can nature solve it? New thinking for growth


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Using nature to create game changing innovation when resources are limited and goals are stretching

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Can nature solve it? New thinking for growth

  1. 1. © 2013 Thoughtcrew®Biologize ™Can nature solve it? Moulting Moulting as a as a lesson lesson for for change change
  2. 2. We work with Large businesses © 2013 Thoughtcrew® Who are already successful Looking for game changing innovation In the way they work and what they produce Waggle Waggle dance asdance asa processa process Who have a passion forfor salesfor sales leadership
  3. 3. Who have a problem with © 2013 Thoughtcrew®Needing to do a significant amountmore with considerably lessCreating disruptive innovationGetting a growth step changeEliminating wasteCommunicating with customersThinking ‘outside the box’Getting breakthroughImproving sustainability Structure Structure to to provide provide colour colour
  4. 4. With the following challenges © 2013 Thoughtcrew® Developing leadership capability Moving from products to solutions Creating the customer experience Developing the future markets Stretching the business Being Being Creating new capabilitycompetiticompetiti ve in ve in hostile hostile markets markets Innovating behaviour and change Innovating for customers
  5. 5. What we do is © 2013 Thoughtcrew® Other Other systems systems as a as asource ofsource of power powerUse nature to solve problems with our research, biologicalinnovation expertise and our biologically designed toolsWe change the way successful businesses think, the way theyinnovate and the ideas they implementWe will help you come up with something you hadn’t thought of
  6. 6. So that © 2013 Thoughtcrew®The business thinksdifferentlyNew implementable gamechanging ideas arecreatedChange is acceleratedNew strategies arepossiblePeople act differently Managing Managing energy energy risk risk
  7. 7. Which meansReduced costs in NHS Trust by £300K © 2013 Thoughtcrew®Increased Revenue for brewer by £18millionNew product candidate for $1bnmarketIdentified new opportunities worth£150m for services firmProfit improvement Optimise Optimise environme environmeBetter employee engagement nt nt scanning scanningIncreased competitivenessMore sustainable business
  8. 8. Examples: • Team development - global services • Innovation process - food • Leadership - central government • Customer communities - pharma • Communication process - defence © 2013 Thoughtcrew® • New product - pet food • Packaging - food • Retention - business services • Growth - Telco consulting • A model A model Strategy - charity for for • Sales - university competiti competiti • ve ve Relationships - IT advantage advantage • Marketing - pharmaThoughtcrew Limitedhttp://www.thoughtcrew.netMill House, Carlingcott, Bath, BA2 8AP, 208 133 4728 Names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Thoughtcrew Limited